Dark energy might be neither particle nor field

  • Dark energy dominates the energy content of the universe, making up more than 2/3rds of all that’s out there.
  • But while everything else clumps or clusters together, dark energy remains uniform throughout space and time.
  • Instead of being a particle or field, it could be a property inherent to space itself, with alternatives creating more problems than they solve.

Fantastic article!

It is time to take seriously the idea that dark energy might simply be a property inherent to the very fabric of space.

Love it! We know so little.


I felt the same. Maybe they cannot find dark matter the way we cannot find the ‘self’. Maybe it links somehow as source - something immeasurable.


Ah…but there really is no “self” other than that which we create in the conventional perspective, right? :slightly_smiling_face:

We know that there is something out there doing all that stuff that dark energy does. Whatever we eventually find out about the true nature of the universe will have to give us “dark energy” as one of its components.

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I like that thought. As one is trying to find „oneself“ in Dzogchen practice and ultimately does not find anything - still - the state which remains is not nothing.

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Ah yes…the Middle Way.

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Worked for Goldilocks, for a while anyway. :grinning:

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