Frank White and the Overview Effect

Join the author Frank White in a rich exploration of the Overview Effect, and all its implications for inner and outer evolution. The conversation begins with Frank’s entry into his study of this transformative effect, before turning to why it is that not everybody who has the Overview is affected by it. What is the common denominator behind the effect, and can you have it on earth? We discuss the role of the “space principle,” both inner and outer, as a transformational tool, and how evolution is largely about increasing perspectives, which are brought about with more openness, and hence more space to perceive.


Very interesting interview that came out of the blue—an unexpected treat offered through Andrew’s ecumenical interests. The Infinite Experience (virtual reality) is amazing and is available right now in Montreal. It might be worth a trip north to check it out. Good discussion about AI (he calls it another intelligence) starting at 1:03. Timely and thought provoking.

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