Machine dreams

external control of dreaming brain by neuro-machines can impact your lucid state. research into dream control via machine has been a darpa goal for many decades. inception movie isn’t just entertainment, its predictive programming too. how do you know dream is yours?

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an led screen flicker rate ( 247 hrz) will produce a alpha brain wave. can a screen produce a ‘waking induced lucid dream’ (wild) or a “false awakening” (fa)?

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human rights for those hooked up to computers


Sentient World Simulation (SWS): A Continuously Running Model of the Real World

do we dream in a simulated world? read this pdf for further details

simulation00.pdf (228.0 KB)

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we have digital twin in ‘mirorworld’ . every netizen has a virtual copy of their personality habits and behaviors stored on servers. they contain more info about us than we know of ourselves. what effect does lucidreaming have on the ‘twin’ and vice versa?


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Does this have “predictive” value?

the ‘machine dreams’ is a dialog about our waking world /virtual world. when we dream, we sort out the probable options for our next day activities. this is called ‘post correction’ theory and it explains quantum interactions with our dreams (see pdf). virtual quantum flux and lucidity interact to manifest as ‘dreams of light’. we are h(ai)mans, a combo of natural and artificial cognitive perceptions.
my opening question: " how do we know our dream is ours?"

buddhismphysics.pdf (907.8 KB)


Interesting article, Life in Parallel Worlds & Buddhist Psycho-Metaphysics: Parallels & Interconnections between the Quantum Spiritual Worldview of Michael B. Mensky and Buddhism (Part I) that fits right into some of Andrew’s discussions. I asked a friend to give me his thoughts on the paper. He has studied Buddhism, is a medical researcher with a graduate degree in Physics. His response is as follows:

It seems that the summum bonum of philosophical physicists and
physics-minded philosophers is to seek the ultimate through the unification
of physics and philosophy, particularly eastern philosophy.
This is interesting as an intellectual exercise but runs inevitably into the
problem that physicists are not philosophers and philosophers are not
physicists. Remember the Tao of Physics back in the '70s? In Berkeley, I met
the physicist Capra and I audited an Asian Studies class where the professor
noted that Capra didn’t understand Buddhism (in response to a report from a
student in the class). On top of the unification problem, Smetham’s article
provides an overview geared to the informed layperson, which inevitably
cannot do justice to physics or philosophy. In addition, there is the
tendency to cherry pick, so conflicting evidence and interpretations are
ignored or, at least, dismissed. Yes, some scientists try to include
consciousness in a physics theory. But a theory is just a theory in physics
until it is vivified with evidence. Also, the manifestation quantum
mechanical potentialities seems to work fine without the requirement of

This all leaves me with a superposition of the states: wonder and
irritation: “Interesting, but what of the boundaries?” As a guy who knows
some physics and some Buddhism, I prefer never the twain shall meet, at
least for now.

Thank you for sharing this ! It is very interesting. Personally, I find it interesting to try and show the links between Quantum physics and Buddhism. I know Buddhism but I am not so deeply ingrained in the practices and philosophy. As your friend said, it is very interesting to think about it but we step into inevitable misunderstandings and differences in concepts between the two. I didn’t read the Tao of Physics though, but it is in my list…

Recently, I am much more interested in the relation between Quantum physics and Psychology. That can also be related to our relation with AI and virtual twin maybe. Wolfgang Pauli was one of the most deeply concerned physicist about his psychological development. Especially by the study of his own dreams. The interpretation of symbols in his psyche and the link between the psyche and the matter. He makes an interesting relationship between the Self (as described by Carl Jung) and the Radioactive Nucleus. And many other links between physical concepts and psychological ones. I recommend the book “Pauli and Jung, the meeting of two great minds”

For me, people like Einstein or Feynman were deeply spiritual people, and I believe there is a link between there connection to emotions and consciousness and the physic theories the developed.

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we construct a simulation of our waking/dreaming mind, does it differ from virtual simulation , ie, digital twin?

The Emergence of Dreaming

Mind-Wandering, Embodied Simulation, and the Default Network

" Dreams may simply be dramatic simulations of our conceptions, concerns, and interests that occur when a specific constellation of neural regions is activated in a context where there is no engagement with the external world. If that proves to be the case, then psychological meaning and cultural usefulness have to be distinguished from each other and from the issue of adaptive function in order to develop an adequate theory of dreams."

The Emergence of Dreaming

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Neurolink = AI access to our dreams?

AI brain interface tech described by Renee Pittman, a black woman who has been targeted details the intrusive methods and the negative effects. all the reasons to make this activity a major human rights issue.

further research

raise the dead back to life. chatbots/ body doubles patent awarded to microsoft… do we own our doubles?


From the article, Not creepy at all. :skull:


My favorite takeaway of the article

“See you on the flip side…”! :grinning::+1:


some authors claim that AI systems represent a kind of ‘digital egregore’; a suprahuman entity that influences our dreams. own your dreams is important point to understand on the path to self liberation.

plasma light forms; cgi/simulated or living beings?

lucid dream hypothesis: multiverse is simulation program according to scientist’s claim to tap into parallel worlds. do we enter parallel worlds in lucid dreams?

BORG MIND ; not to be confused with primordial awareness. we are seduced into believing that the ‘spatial web’ = nondual awareness. comments welcome.