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Zombie: I thought this was the original. So good.

Job’s Tears: My favorite lines are "Stranger than that we’re alive. Whatever you think it’s more than that, more than that!

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Which song is about Ganesha?

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Some of the best musicians are not always the top stars. There is not always a direct correlation between how good you are and how popular you are. A lot of the best ones go right over the tops of the masses heads. Becoming a star has a lot to do with making the right connections in the music industry, the politics of getting mass airplay, etc.


MC Yogi . . . . . . . . .

OK yeah, he’s great! I saw him at the Beloved Festival in Oregon, I think it was around 2016. Check out this one he does about Gandhi:


Posted these 2 videos in another thread, but thought they might be fitting here as well. Have not done much listening while sleeping, but excited to try this out. Tried to find an 8hoir repeat video, but could only find a 30min video of someone saying ‘I am dreaming’:

Here is an 8 hour one, a litttle different than the first:


Really well done, talk about a powerful soul!

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@_Barry nice meeting you today in the Dream Sangha!

Have you seen Gattaca? Dont watch the first clip is you havent, its kind of a spoiler. Really great movie and soundtrack:

The Departure - Gattaca - OST

The Departure - Gattaca OST 1 hour

The Other Side

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Yeah, saw it in the theater when it first came out. Loved it. Have you ever seen The Incredible Shrinking Man? One of my all-time favorites.

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On the 2nd video to get the full brainwave effects with auditory driving, wear headphones or earbuds. ==

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436 HZ? . . . . . . … . . .

One of my favorites from Doctor Who, bringing the Earth back into its orbit.

Cum tacent clament
Cum tacent clament. Serva ne
Servan tuter
Sevan servan tuter
Dum inter homines sumus colamus humanitatem
Cum tacent clament
Dum inter homines sumus colamus humanitatem
Cum tacent clament.

Which translates into English as;

With silence, we shout
With silence, we shout
Without salvation
He provides our salvation
He provides us our salvation
As long as we are among humans, let us be humane
With silence, we shout
As long as we are among humans, let us be humane
With silence, we shout.

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Tina Malia performing “The Silent Awakening” with GuruGanesha Singh on lead guitar (a totally Sikh guitarist!) and a group of great musicians, including a great electric cellist and 6 string bass player and percussionist.

I dreamt I was born a girl
Living alone in the world
Passing the hours away
I looked into the face of sorrow
Tempted by the taste of tomorrow
And the scent of yesterday

But that was only a dream of a dream
This world is not what it seems
We are the wind that carries the seeds
We are the roots of the banyan tree
We are love offered on the wing
That stretches across eternity
We are a chord in life’s symphony
We are the silent awakening

I dreamt that I could not find you
Always a step behind you
Could not see your face
Wandering around the maze
Of illusion’s dusty haze
A soul with no resting place

And only love can lift the veil, the veil away
Only love can take it’s place
And I have traveled long and far
Just to come home to your grace

They then morph into some great Rasta Reggae!

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Watched it a few months ago when you recommended it to me, it is very good, way ahead of its time for special effects. Really liked the quote at the end about the universe.

The song was great. The translation of the text is off:

I really like that whoever wrote it gave a shout out to some really insightful souls:

" cum tacent, clamant. – When they are silent, they are screaming. (Cicero)

cum tacent, clamant. – When they are silent, they are screaming. (Cicero)

serva me; servabo te. – Save me; I will save you. (Petronius)

serva me; servabo te. – Save me; I will save you. (Petronius)

dum inter homines sumus, colamus humanitatem. – While we are among humans, we should look after humankind. (Seneca)

cum tacent, clamant. – When they are silent, they are screaming. (Cicero)"

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Have you tried sleeping with it? Any luck becoming lucid?

Great lyrics. Shes got an amazing voice!

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"But thanks for the vision,
And the twenty-twenty wisdom
It hit me like a south-bound train


From the article:
If you are not a Doctor Who fan, this is probably more than you ever needed to know – but it goes to show that it’s worth finding out more about the Latin-ish lyrics that you hear – occasionally they turn out to have very interesting sources.

Yeah, it’s the music that gets me, interesting about the Latin but not a buzz kill, never even thought about them. If you think this was strange, you should see the episode where he meets Vincent Van Gogh! Thanks for posting.

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Max Richter - Infra 5 [Infra]

Ludovico Einaudi - Una Mattina

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Goat Rodeo. Yo-Yo Ma on cello along with some top notch bluegrass musicians. Bluegrass meets Classical.

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