My project, exploring galantamine over the last 196 days

Could be. I’ve heard of this and try to keep it in the back of my mind. One dream comes to my memory where I had this issue. It was after a WILD, had a falling feeling then landed in a store. I started feeling all the items on the item racks and the positioning of the items to my touch didnt line up correctly. I don’t think that was the cause of me waking up but shortly after entering the dream and engaging my feeling of touch on the items and item racks I woke up.

As far as meditation goes I take a different approach to it. I have aphantasia, meditation is a much different experience to me then most. I have a lot of trouble falling asleep and I also generally wake up between each of my dreams in the night. After waking up I again have difficulty falling back asleep.

I use that time to meditate. Used to be frustrated not being able to fall asleep for hours at a time but now I usually find the periods I am awake trying to fall asleep relaxing and peaceful. I lay on my back(I am normally a stomach sleeper) and try to get a feeling as comfortable as possible then do a mismash of meditations practices. Sometimes I will focus on my breathe, sometimes count inhales or exhales, sometimes just let thoughts enter and try not to latch onto them and allow emotions or associations with the memories that come enter into my awareness then engage in a neutral like state.

Not sure if this is a meditation technique but I found it in a book a little while ago and there is a technique called recapitulation. I don’t write anything down but do what tbe text recommends. Here is an exerpt I saved from it:

So all in all I don’t think my meditations would qualify as perfect in anyway but it is the method I have settled into.

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Charlie Morley writes about something similar in his Dreaming Through Darkness. I haven’t read it for a while but I remember his delving into his past in a way that he could use it in his shadow work.

Always enjoy reading books from authors who have a long background of lucid dreaming. I will add this one to my list for sure. Just about to start a book by Robert Moss called The dreamer’s book of the dead. A lucid dreaming group on facebook recommended it today and I thought it was worth a listen. Will have some stuff to listen to for the next two weeks or so it looks like :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Last night marked the completion of my experiment.

After 31 days of not taking it I had 5 lucid dreams of meduim to low vividness. The first 2+ weeks were spent trying to re-establish my dream recall which felt like an uphill battle.

After not taking it for a month I feel like I’m in a better position to look back at both periods and assess the differences.

Some noticeable changes while taking galantamine were:

  1. Vividness +
  2. Less Quantity - More Quality +
  3. Recall + (this was the most noticable change)
  4. Lucidity +

The main drawback I noticed while taking galantamine was a harder time falling asleep. When I go to sleep the first time at night, I usually don’t have any problems, but I wake up several times in the middle of the night and falling back asleep during those times is much more challenging. There were times when it felt like my body should have been in sleep paralysis and close to a WILD, but I would lie there for another 45 minutes without even entering sleep paralysis.

It seems like the sleeper has to wait for the medicine to allow falling asleep.

That being said, in my opinion, galantamine is one of the few medicines that really affects dreams. I was able to get it prescribed by explaining to my doctor that I had been taking the medicine specifically for lucid dreaming. I had been buying it online on the unregulated market and was looking to get the medicine through a normal prescription regulated by the FDA. I also told him how expensive the pills were when you buy them OTC and that there would be a significant difference going through my insurance for it. In my chart, my sleeping issues have been well documented and I told him that this medicine allowed me to have higher quality REM sleep and described it as changing my sleep from lots of small blocks to 3-4 big blocks of REM sleep. I also told him it helped me feel less tired when waking up. All of these were true in my case. ( My reason for adding this portion to give insight on how I got it prescribed because my mom’s doctor wouldn’t prescribe it. These are some things to consider explaining to a doctor if your experience is the same and you are looking for an FDA regulated prescription)

Last night was the first time taking it again after 31 days and ironically I had one medium-length DILD and many short WILDs where I was floating between the dream state, hypnagogia and being awake. It was a strange one because I had disembodied voices talking to me between the states.

Also, last night in my normal dream there was an incredibly detailed extremely long rollercoaster I was on and the vividness of the scene before the rollercoaster was noticbly better then a lot of the dreams I had in the past month.

Last thing, in the lucid portion I had an extremely detailed, beautifully constructed, brand new modern building with vivid colors. Have not had a building like that in my dreams for awhile and it was refreshing to see one.

Planning on going back to taking it every night and looking forward to new adventures :partying_face:.

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I never take it unless I have 3-4 hrs of sleep and have 3 or so hours left to go (better REM). I’ll be interested to see if your prescription is the same as mine (Aurobindo—made in India).

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I asked Andrew about this during a Q&A session and he recommended some books among other things. I am listening to this one now:

Here was his reply:


Rather than starting a new thread…

I’m curious if anyone else has similar experiences on galantamine.

When I take galantamine I tend to have dreams akin to OBEs - I know they are dreams but the similarity is that I tend to get into a loop that starts in my bed. It feels like Im just dozing in bed, but slowly I realize that I’m actually dreaming. Its a feverish kind of state of mind.

I get out of bed, walk through the house, go outside, any number of things can happen from there, clarity increases with time until I false awaken back in bed and start again. I can loop this 5 or more times. It takes a minute to realize again that Im in the dreamstate and I feel heavy getting out of bed but I started using the ‘plug your nose and breath’ state check and it confirms my lucid dreaming state.

Galantamine tends to put me in a different type of mindspace and dreamstate then any other time I’m lucid - like I said already, it seems more like being high or feverish, like a shamanistic state. Anyone else?

As a sidenote I have recently started using a ‘dive into the floor’ method of crashing (instead of through a wall’ and subsequently experience a flying through space wrapped in a pyschedelic aura of light and movement - I tend to surface at one point at which I focus on my breath as things slowly materialize into focus. I find crashing/falling/diving down to be a very interesting experience.


I’ve used galantamine (+ cholines: usually bitartrate and/or Alpha GPC), 4mg mostly, and 9/10 times I have incredible trouble getting back to sleep, but if I do, the dreams are usually astounding: stable, clear, bright & vivid. I also often have WILD entry with galantamine, but without it I almost never WILD (DILD is the vast majority of my LDs).


In my late 70s. My experience is that it’s best to take “G” after 3-4 hours of sleep and always with some small food, say a cookie, a couple of M&Ms or maybe a small pretzel, and there is no nausea, nor any trouble getting back to sleep usually. My standard dose now, after several years of 4-8 mg is 12mg of Auribindo Galantamine, produced in India and distributed via Medicare. Maybe 3-4 times a week. It supports my memory and frequent lucidity. I will also take it some days when I have low energy but with high functioning necessary during the afternoon.


I’ve tried many different timings. Yes, after 3-4 hours of is probably the sweet spot, 5 hours is too late. There is probably also the excited anticipation that plays a role in not sleeping, since I take it rarely it is a “special event.” Thanks for sharing your source, that’s good to know in case I decide to replenish my supply.


I believe it is available on Amazon with or without a prescription.