The tenuous filament of connection

The last several days has brought to light how much I value the technology that allows us to connect here and to partake in such a wealth of teachings and companionship on this path.

On Sunday my local internet provider went out causing me to miss dream group (one of my favorite meetings) and then the whole world had a taste of internet failing yesterday (causing me to miss Monday night meditation).

Now I really feel how wonderful it is that these connections are restored. Living in the outback of southern Mexico, that I can be part of this sangha and have access to such teachings is one of the positive miracles of these complicated times So grateful for this and for all of you here


I have found that once this electronic connection has been established like this…it begins to resonate within in a connection that more organic in nature. It is kind of a Dharmakaya connection…one that can’t be as easily broken. :slightly_smiling_face:

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