🔷️ TURIYA - Forth State

Here thought to start a Chat about Turiya (I’ve only recently heard about). Chanting Mantras with the Om and not realizing the dot in the ॐ symbol means the fourth state:


The Mandukya Upanishad describes Turiya as following:-

“Turiya is not which is conscious of the inner (subjective world), nor that which is conscious of (objective) world, nor that which is conscious of both, not that which is mass of consciousness. It is unperceived (by any sense organs), incomprehensible (to the mind), unrelated (to any object), uninferrable , unthinkable, and indescribable. It is essentially of the nature of consciousness, constituting the self alone, and is the negation of all phenomena; it is the peace, bliss and One without a second. It is known as Turiya. It is Atman, and it is to be realised."

Another explanation :arrow_heading_down:
Awaken to the Fourth State - Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur.


Jesus, @Bianca_Aga , what is wrong with you!!! You keep on blowing my mind!!!

I have been wondering for at least 7 or 8 years, what the hell that symbol meant. It was well worth the wait! Thank you for this post.

I have heard Andrew refer to Turiya as Buddha Standard Time.

Allan Wallace has called it a state of time that subsumes past, present, and future.

Awesome topic, really excited to hear what members have to say about this :star_struck:


Turiya – The FOURTH State of Consciousness – Transcending Ordinary Experience


Turiya: Conversations with the Void

Some pics google search gave:

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@NightHawk999 stop making me laugh so much! Actually im just as blown away by the find. I had no idea what the Om symbolism was.
According to this explanation there’s seven levels of consciousness:

I too would love to hear more & any links where Andrew talks about Turiya.


I have watched a lot of his videos, but have only heard him talk about it briefly and in passing. If he does have a video that goes into deapth on this topic, I have not seen it yet.

Would be a good question to ask him about via Q&A, or even better, maybe someone can convince Andrew to do an entire Webinar on Turiya :heart_eyes:

Lol, I will try, but no promises. :cowboy_hat_face:


Great minds think alike :smile:
I watched those youtubes you posted earlier today. More the merrier!

I too was fascinated by all the images online like you posted!

An indepth discussion by Andrew great idea. He has such a good way of explaining a topic.

Very funny.


I dont know if this video has anything to do with the topic, but it started playing after I watched the 2nd video I posted, so maybe it ties in,( probably not :upside_down_face:):

I like what the guy says at around the 14-16min mark

“you should only offer anmals as sacrifices if you can bring them back to life afterwards”

“those heads around her neck, they represent the different aspects of personality, like anger, and desire, and lust, and greed, and sloth, and so on. Those things that are enemies to spiritual development”

“Mother Goddess;
Goddess of Time, Change, Creation, Power, Destruction and Death”

Sounds like not just death, but also ego death.

I like that she is tied to Durga.

Something about her reminded me of Black Tara and Palden Lhamo (the nice lady who @BlessingsDeers introduced me too):


Sorry but i couldnt understand this Kali . My mind is still with the Turiya. I find it difficult to imagine energies as Godesses or Skati.
Infact ive a headache from thinking :upside_down_face:


Kali is very related to death, and this was the day of the dead…


There it is.

That completely went over my head, I was really tired when writing that.

I also think she represents egoic death, which I think is a big part of accessing the higher levels of meditation like Turiya:

I think is beautifully represented in this clip I stole from @Bianca_Aga :wink:

He confronts and ‘beheads’ the ego maker…


Deep Sleep, Samadhi & Turiya | Swami Sarvapriyananda


TURYA - If You Master This State You Can Become Deathless | Mrityunjaya | Sadhguru


Cool!! Thanks for sharing, both are very informative videos.

At 2:35 interesting to hear Swami Sarvapriyananda say the 4th is not a state. Only the 3 (waking, dreaming, deep sleep) are states of mind because they move, whereas 4th TURIYA ("which is consciousness ") is all the time. “The only reality”. 4th is “the player watching the 3 states”

A strange thing happened shortly before watching these 2 videos i was searching for something in my dream documents & surprised to find one called 4 Phoenix dated 17 Nov 2021. I opened & read but theres no mention of Phoenix. I searched another diary, a journal on this day but no word of Phoenix. Then when watching Swami’s video he talking of 3 and 4 !! :flushed:

3 of the phoenixes i sensed had an extra appearance of Gargoyles suggesting “like” stone.

Your suggestion of a revelation?

I just remembered i woke singing this song with it’s verse “shift in perception”. It kept popping into my mind today, & just did it again.
The verse is between 10:33 - 10:52


If You Can Do Turya You Are Deathless! | There Will Be No Death For You! | Sadhguru | Adiyogi


This is a really cool synchronicity, becuase when I read this, this exact memory came to mind, then scrolled down and you had posted it:

There it is :star_struck:


Can you share this dream?

Do you hink the title was meant for another dream, or are you pretty careful about labeling dreams?


@NightHawk999 Earlier today i was searching for the time when i was shown by a formless Being many of my past lives that id recorded in my old dream records on my old ipad. Like in the photo, i was shocked to see that file labelled 4 Phoenix.

This file doesnt have a dream record. And nothing about 4 Phoenix.

Its titled : SHIFT 17 Nov 21
I write about discovering a secret (like i said earlier on your post about all seeing eye).
Theres just notes about things in the way we write here, using clues.

I write about 1st 2nd 3rd 4th dimensions.
Being in the state of Abiding
The star constellation Orion
Technology changing our DNA

All my files are carefully labelled. Ive never seen this. Like i say the title is SHIFT 17 Nov 21
But outside says

Ive just checked my database and found only one other dream with three phoenixes and date 31 Dec 2022.

Its a mystery :smiling_face:


This sounds really cool.

Most things in this world are, and always will be :face_with_monocle:


Srivishwambhar Prabhu lecture on The Turya State Of Consciousness

(around the 15min mark he starts talking in English)