A rare presentation of sexsomnia in a military service member

I have sometimes playfully talked about “sexsomnia,” leading to “snoregasm,” and while it is unusual, it is a real parasomnia. Here is the abstract to one of the rare renderings of this condition.


Sexsomnias are unconscious sexual behaviors during sleep (parasomnias) that are garnering more attention as they become increasingly evident in forensic cases. Presentations of sexsomnia in active duty service members are seldom described, and often evaluation is clouded by intoxication with substances such as alcohol, sleep deprivation, untreated sleep disturbances, or criminal behavior masquerading as a medical disorder. We present a case of a 40-year-old male soldier evaluated in our sleep clinic for multiple episodes of sleep masturbation occurring over a period of 2 years. The patient was concerned about his suitability for deployment to a combat zone and participation in field training exercises (both require sleeping in groups in an open environment). Video polysomnography confirmed moderate obstructive sleep apnea, and the patient showed improvement with continuous positive airway pressure therapy. The authors also discuss the relevance of this case compared with previously reported sexsomnia cases and expand on parasomnia topics that are more common in military populations.


Interesting to read, having been in military deployments with hundreds of other troops, in close quarters, during times of hostilities. Looking forward to reading the full study when it becomes available.

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Wow! This is actually something that happens to me somewhat frequently. I didn’t realize I would engage sexually with my partner while I was asleep until a few years ago. The first time it was brought to my attention was when my partner was recounting our sexual experience the night before. I had no recollection and thought I was asleep. Apparently I seemed coherent and cognizant enough to appear to be awake but I didn’t remember it at all. This has happened at least 20+ times. Not totally sure how many times it has happened though.

Sometimes I will wake up halfway through, sometimes I will stay asleep the whole encounter. The only way I know if it happens is if I wake up during or if the next day she brings it up to me. Just thought I might share my experience with this.