A Walk in the Wood [#1] - Recorded on 5/4/2021

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Transcript → Book Study Group [#30]


So full of everything that makes Night Club special! Looking forward to each chapter, each week, and the “creation” stories of the authors who evolved such a special book.

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This episode was such a balm to my spirit. Watched part of the recording after a crazy day - family member needed emergency surgery and found out another loved one was unknowingly exposed to covid from close contact to a colleague who later tested positive.

We love Milne and all the original stories. This was just a delight to listen to. And then I was aware in that night of receiving help in my dreams - divine support - woke up with a confident and trusting attitude. All will be well.

Thanks for your generous spirit, Joseph (and Nancy). And I wish they’d let you use the original illustrations your illustrator first offered; just seeing the examples submitted by the illustrator brings back wonderful memories of the book in childhood.

Eeyore comes in handy as an analogy; through the years, I’ve known some adorable Eeyores. I’m more of a Piglet but aspire to be a Pooh.