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Hello :slight_smile: thank you for recording this and for mentioning that lab experiment with the rotten eggs and roses. i’m very sensitive to smells - now i understand why even better.

All the context of dreams reminded me of a passage from Sheila Benjamin, from WindyVille, Missuri @ the Internation Journal Of Dream Research (2013):

“We will also be looking at how environmental, cultural, and emotional stimulation play a significant role in what the individual dreams. An example of this is that one teen, who has been raised in a spiritual community and exposed to a variety of spiritual teachings, may dream of receiving teaching from the Dalai Lama. Another adolescent who spends much of his time playing computer games and watching violence on television may have violent dreams or even nightmares.”

This has inspired me to add all this information to the text support file in my classes (also the lab experiment you mentioned).

I did a quest -“The Mastery of Sleep”, with Dr. Michael Breus (the Sleep Doctor) and LOVED it. In my workshops, the first classes are about the information I learned from him. It makes a whole big difference. It’s what you mentioned as GROUNDING this experience of dreaming consciously, vividly and lucidly.

One thing that i learned recently with my own experience is to drink liquids only until 2pm. It’s so simple that i hadn’t realized this. Since i do this, i sleep MUCH BETTER :slight_smile:

I use blue light glasses when the sun is down and it feels good.

I learned a beautiful detail with Dr. Michael Breus for couples: when a couple has a different fall asleep timing, one is inside the sheets the other outside wishing him a good night and being there with the other. and yes, if there’s something to resolve, to make an appointment for the next day.

The reason why I decided to watch this video was to find out more about how to use a Talisman - heard about it before but still hadn’t received nay teaching about this fascinating topic. the information you shared was also very inspirational. I lived in a spiritual community for eleven months back in 2005, and one of our practices was similar to what you suggest for using the Talisman - so cool. I called it my cosmic mobile phone :slight_smile: I also had contact with a spiritual lineage where it’s used. now i understand it and how it can be a tool in lucid dreaming.

my reality check that has been working in all my lucid dreams is looking at my hand, looking away and then when i see my hand again, it’s deformed.

thank you.

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In the night after watching this video and two nights after that i had two spontaneous lucid-dreams. I felt it was an integration of two key points from this video’s contents:

  1. i noticed on the night after watching this video that the smell in my room was not as usual. i was ready to bed after a long long day and did not do anything about it. I went to sleep and dreamt lucid after my third sleep cycle - on the last piece of it. In the dream I was walking stairs in the darkness. I knew it was a dream for sure, no need for reality check. (it was on a kind of building that i don’t go to) I went all the way up until i saw two skeletons (danger signs) painted in white on the walls so my intuition was very specific guiding me to not go any further up, so I went through a door and was in this house. it was all dark and the feeling was not ok. I felt secure but it was too dark, so i gave a command “i want to see the blue turquoise sea”, but nothing happened. On that moment (perhaps because i had fallen asleep doing the sleeping lion posture), I felt a touch and came back to discover it was my own finger touching my nostril. What i did was to burn sage and go back to sleep connected with my circle of protectors and the dreams after were premonitory for that day, helping me a lot. I also decided to do extra cleaning in my room.
  2. two nights after, I had another spontaneous lucid dream where there was emotional energy like hadn’t experienced for a long time! Right before ending I realized that it was a dream. But before that, it was heavily emotional. Before going to sleep after another long long day, I took notice on a detail of a family theme and brought it up a few minutes before my sacred bed time. Remember in this class you mentioned going to bed in peace? Well, it didn’t happen for along time but this time it did happen - i talked about an emotional theme with my father without having the time, energy or will to discuss it further. In the dream all that energy came up. When i woke up, i felt great and confirmed that so many times we talk about things without sleeping over them… what sometimes seems so important in one moment, loses all importance after a good night sleep.

thank you for this magic.