Can't find recording for Virtual Hangout for Oct 28th

I followed Andew’s Bardo Teachings course on Embodied Philosophy (site) and tried to submit a question in writing, which was never asked because no-one saw it. The EP team submitted my question for the next VH which was due on 28th Oct - I can never attend in person as I live in France (6 hours ahead). I am now trying to find the recording so that I can find out if Andrew ever saw or answered my question. But can’t find the recording - latest recording seems to be for Sept 30th? I am totally confused! If anyone can help I would be most grateful.


Good to follow-up. I’m sure they’ll respond

Book Study Group met on Oct 28th. Today is the next Q + A. We have your question and we will make sure it is included today.

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Oh ok, thanks very much - not sure when that was - beginning of November?

Thanks again!