Daily Reminder Emails for Live Events [On Pause]

Hi Night Clubbers,

We are temporarily suspending our efforts of sending daily-reminder emails approximately 1-3 hours before a live event begins.

It has come to our attention that for many members they are just receiving too many emails from us - sorry, we’re just so excited about all the cool things happening here - and we want to honor and respect our members’ (inbox) space in that way.

We know there are many members who have come to rely on these daily-reminders. We do apologize for the inconvenience and want to offer some short and long term solutions that we have for you.

Short Term Solutions

  1. All members will receive the SCHEDULE email of Night Club events on Mondays. This will outline the upcoming week of events on Night Club with direct links for accessing the live events.

  2. Schedules are subject to change, so we encourage all members check the Upcoming Schedule on Night Club [Upcoming Events – Night Club] for the latest updates.

  • The Schedule is most easily accessible from My Dashboard
  • Or by clicking the Events tab in the main menu.
  • We will also be sticking a link to the “Upcoming Schedule” front and center here, in the Night Club community.

Long Term Solution

We’re a bit strapped, technically speaking, with our current email provider - MailChimp, and the ability to customize our members email experience. For that reason (and others) we will be upgrading our technology to a new software, Kizen - with plans to rollout upgrades in the next 60-90 days.

This new software will allow for us to radically transform your email experience (and member journey) with Night Club - including the ability to allow some members to receive daily-email reminders, and others not! Stay tuned :slight_smile:


I personally loved the reminders, so I am very happy to know you guys are working out a way to personalize them and keep everyone happy. You are doing a fntastic job! Many thanks!
Laura reporting from Mexico


You are doing a great job, keeping us informed.


Hello, I am an Emerald member and am confused about what Premium membership is. Please advise. I would like to continue to have access to all the courses and webinars. If I have to do something to upgrade please let me know how to do that. Thank you!

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Hi @evelyn.mckelvie I will send you a private message regarding your membership :slight_smile: