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Pure Land Aspiration Prayewr


I grabbed the English text from the page to make for easier reading. Good find. :+1:

An Aspiration to be Reborn in the Land of Turquoise Leaves
revealed by Sera Khandro

Namo guru ārya tārāyai

My own perception is the supreme realm of perfect purity,

Self-arisen and spontaneously perfect, with a vast golden ground,

Bathing waters and pools that possess the eight qualities,

Trees, flowers and fruits of many kinds,

Birds and wild animals who proclaim the Dharma,

The sweetest perfumed incense filling all directions,

And divine youths, male and female,

Who constantly offer gifts and words of praise.

In the centre, upon a carpet of jewels,

Is an immense mansion of lapis lazuli,

A spontaneously arisen palace, delightful to behold.

Transparent inside and out, it is square with four main doors,

And has steps, porticoes, dharma-wheels, banners of victory, parasols,

Ornaments and all the proper surroundings and features.

In its centre, upon a lotus and full moon symbolizing non-attachment and immaculate purity,

Is noble Tārā, born from the victorious buddhas’ compassion.

She is blue-green, with one face and two hands — swift to act, peaceful and resplendent.

In vivid, radiant splendour, she presides.

Surrounding her are buddhas and bodhisattvas,

Her twenty-one forms, and hundreds and thousands of ḍākinīs,

All proclaiming the Dharma of Secret Mantra without interruption,

Their wisdom minds filled with great love and compassion.

Throughout this and all our future lives

We will hold you, precious Lady, as our special deity.

And with body, speech and mind in unison, devotedly pray:

Outwardly maintaining the conduct of individual liberation and the bodhisattvas,

And inwardly manifesting the supreme path of the two stages

Of the profound Vajra vehicle, without error,

Let us swiftly gain victory in the battle over the four māras.

In happiness or sorrow, whatever befalls us, good or bad,

O precious Tārā, care for us!

Grant us the power and capacity to mature and liberate our own minds!

From the moment we set out upon the supreme path of the unsurpassed vehicle,

Cause our qualities of experience and realization to grow!

Help us to attain the paths and stages without going astray!

And, without ever wavering from the clear light of our own awareness,

To attain enlightenment as the primordially pure Samantabhadra!

In short, may I and all other beings, infinite in number,

By thinking of you, O precious Tārā,

Be reborn directly, without an intervening birth,

In the supreme Land of Turquoise Leaves!

And, having taken birth there, receive the prophecy of enlightenment.

Then, through vast, ocean-like activity to tame the difficult,

May we guide others, each according to their needs,

And thereby empty the three realms of saṃsāra from their very depths.

Through the truth of the utterly pure dharmatā

And the infallible reality of cause and effect,

May there be no obstacle to the fulfilment of this aspiration,

And may all our wishes swiftly come to perfect fruition.

By exerting yourself in this continually

You will be accepted by the supreme deity,

And, independently of the dying process,

Manifest the realization of clear light,

Seizing the stronghold of the dharmakāya.

Protector Rematī, watch over this:

Let there be the right karma and good fortune!

Samaya. Gya. Gya. Gya.

The vajra-holder who practices in retreat, Lhundrup Rigdzin, the intelligent Wangmo, and the devoted student Chöying Dorje offered a sky-gleaming rosary and silken scarves, and made repeated requests. In response, merely to avoid turning them down, I, the lazy and dissolute Kunzang Chönyi Wangmo (aka Dewe Dorje), deciphered this in the Sera hermitage. The scribe was the prophesied one, Tsultrim Dorje. May virtue abound.


this is so interesting to me. I did not realize that this relgion went so deep and had so many gods/goddessses/ and demons.

Do you know where to get an exhaustive list of these dieties and an expalnation of them? Or at least the main ones?

Thank you for sharing that, really grat read