Findings From the International Lucid Dream Induction Study

Study here. The International Lucid Dream Induction Study (ILDIS) investigated and compared the effectiveness of five different combinations of lucid dream induction techniques including reality testing (RT), Wake Back to Bed (WBTB), the Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD) technique, the Senses Initiated Lucid Dream (SSILD) technique, and a hybrid technique combining elements of both MILD and SSILD. Participants with an interest in lucid dreaming ( N = 355) completed a pre-test questionnaire and then a baseline sleep and dream recall logbook for 1 week before practicing the lucid dream induction techniques for another week. Results indicated that the MILD technique and the SSILD technique were similarly effective for inducing lucid dreams


Barry, do you know where I can find instructions for SSILD?


Lots available online Paul. I like this one from a Reddit post. I may try it tonight along with MILD:

•Go to bed. Lay comfortably and relaxed. Now pay attention to what you hear, be it a noisy street, your neighbor’s muffled TV or faint distant sounds. Now pay attention to what you feel on your skin, like the blankets, the room temperature, your pulse if you can. Now pay attention to what you see. Of course you’re supposed to have your eyes closed but anyway. If you can only see “black”, then black it is. Otherwise pay attention to any general hue or shapes you may be able to see behind your eyelids. Then, start over with paying attention to what you hear, then what you feel, then what you see.

•Do this a few times before you fall asleep. You should only pay attention to each sense for about 20 seconds (without actually counting seconds in your head).

•I would only repeat it like 4 times or so. If by then I’m still awake, then I just shrug it off and try to sleep. Later that night if I find myself awake, I try again.

•I combine this with the nose-pinch reality check for maximum efficacy. I actually move my hand towards my nose even if I’m 100% sure I’m still awake on my bed. After a while, I find myself doing it in an early stage of a dream thus achieving lucidity.

•The benefit of SSILD is the super crisp quality of the dreams. Vivid colors, very detailed worlds.

•Although I haven’t used it a lot, I can tell you it’s worked more than half the times I’ve tried.


This is a good one Barry, thanks for sending. A terrific scientific review of what works.


Ok, I can do this. This is basically a version of Vipassana, noting the sense gates.


It reminds me of Vipassna too (as taught by Goeinkaji). Tried it last night, and in a nap today and found it very promising. Teaching old dog new trix, and not only for kids.

Official Reddit SSILD Tutorial

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UPDATE: Three days later, many dreams every night using SSILD. Remember most, one lucid. Helps me to get to sleep too. (Famous last words?)

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