Hello from Tokyo

Hello everyone, My name is Yuki. My recent reading of Andrew’s Dream Yoga and Dream of Light book re-ignited my interest in lucid dreaming, which I used to have with some regularity during my college days, but no longer. I am happy to say, though, that after reading and trying out some lucid dreaming techniques such as dream journal, state-checks and of course my regular short meditation before sleep, I recently had a few lucid dreams of short duration via WILD technique. However, since I am a light sleeper, the lucid dream tends to be very short. Any suggestions on how I can stabilize and have longer lucid dream?

Anyhow, I am fascinated about lucidity both in the dream and the wakening state, and much excited to learn more about such a profound issue from a community of like-minded people.


Hi Yuki, welcome to Night Club! I have found that rubbing my dream hands together is very helpful in staying in the dream.



Hi Yuki, adding shamata practice will help stabilize the lucid dream. You might want to check the threads for B. Alan Wallace; he teaches the triad of „Relaxation, Stability and Vividness“ in his free of charge recordings.