Lucid Dreaming in the Twilight Zone

I am not sure what to do with this except to report my experience the night before last and maybe someone has had a similar experience. I slept okay, better than usual, and work up at 4AM unprompted. Earlier in the day I set an 8AM alarm because of an appointment later in the morning. I went back to sleep at about 5:30AM and had a vivid, perhaps low-level lucid dream and was awakened by my 8AM alarm which took me out of a good dream. I looked at my phone and shut the alarm off. I decided to try for another hour of sleep during “prime time.” I finally awoke about an hour later but when I looked at my Apple Watch it said 7:13 AM. Same for the iPhone. I was/am completely baffled. I thought it might have been a false dream within a dream, but the alarm on the phone was indeed off and I am positive it was set for 8AM. I don’t know what to make of this and there is a tinge of Twilight Zone in the air. Not a big deal, but I thought I’d share it.


Hi Barry!

This seems like a classic false awakening to me… And it happens to me all the time. Though, my version goes like this: I wake up, write down my dream keywords and go back to sleep. I wake up some time later, only to have nothing written down on my paper. It’s so very real!


Thanks Allison. I just don’t know how to account for my iPhone alarm which I set physically, a few minutes before I actually went to bed. I heard it ring and it was off when I checked it at 7:13AM. It couldn’t happen, but maybe sleepwalking?

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