Real-time dialogue between experimenters and dreamers during REM sleep

Here’s a link to a recent study that is causing a small stir in the dream community. It’s about “interactive dreaming,” or the ability for dreamers to be in contact with others in the waking state. I was in touch with several of the scientists involved in this study, who may still join us on a NC interview. Here’s a summary of the study. This research points to the remarkable potentials still awaiting dreamers.

Personally, I’d be most interested in expanding “interactive dreaming” not only to research scientists monitoring the dreamer in the lab, but to others on the “internet of consciousness,” as our friend Yusuf calls it (see my 2nd interview with him). In dreams we can interact with beings from other dimensions, not just those in the lab. Can’t wait for studies proving that.

In all the tests, the scientists verified that each subject was in a state of REM sleep, using “standard polysomnographic methods.” Facial and eye movements were chosen as the means by which the dreamers could “talk back” to the researchers from the dream world, and the subjects were trained in specific ways of communicating. Some, for example, were trained to move their eyes left to right three times (LRLRLR) in response to an audio cue if they wanted to communicate that they were in the lucid dream state. None were trained with the specific questions they’d be asked when they were asleep.


This is, indeed, a fascinating study. I just started following one of the research subjects in that study, Dashiell Bark-Huss (Twitter: @DashBarkHuss webpage:

She is working on an Arduino-based system for tweeting from a lucid dream, using a handmade dream lab:

It should be fascinating to see if she can make this work. Given the success of the study (including her personal success as a subject) it seems quite plausible that she’ll make it work. (Details about her texting-with-eye-movements system here.)

What would constitute scientific proof of communication with beings from other dimensions in dreams? I’d love to hear not just @aholecek’s answer, but anyone else who has a plausible idea about that. I’m skeptical that there could be any such proof; please convince me otherwise if you can. :slight_smile:



I do consider the possibility that it was actual communication, or attempt at same, from my actual sister. However, I do not know that to be the case. What I know is that this is a phenomenological experience that occurred (I “know” this…I mean I could be living in a simulation and that’s a false memory or something…)

Your scientific proof suggestion, were it to occur, would seem to indicate that a unique pattern of brain activity happened. Perhaps it would be highly correlated with dreams in which people experienced communication with entities that seemed to be from “elsewhere”/“other dimensions”/? – I don’t see how that would prove that the entities in question were, in fact, from other dimensions or in any way external to the consciousness of the dreamer. It would certainly seem to indicate that a distinct type of dreaming was happening.


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Here’s another good article on this study, which has quotes from two different Night Club guests: Researchers Communicate with Lucid Dreamers, and It’s Pretty Psychedelic


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