Sensation of becoming lucid

Interested to hear peoples views on the sensation of becoming lucid as I think it’s a wonderful feeling that is hard to describe although seems very familiar in a way.

For me it’s very similar to having the wave of clarity that washes over you when you sober up after being very drunk. you’ve thrown up and suddenly your back in your body and realise you’ve been very drunk. Does anyone agree. Thankfully in the dream it’s not all clouded with guilt and nausea but I think it’s a similar feeling. It’s a little like the clarity you get when waking up out of normal dream. I also liken it to a heightened but similar experience of putting on glasses that are the right prescription after wearing the wrong ones for a long time.

Would love to hear other people’s descriptions or if they do or don’t agree.


Depending upon the level of lucidity, for me it’s like having a curtain lifted between me and the world.


hi Mutashi,

I almost always feel ‘light (weight)’ and incredibly happy but yes, as Barry says, it depends on the level of lucidity. Sometimes, I just feel like a game-player who suddenly remembers she’s in the middle of a game.



My lucidity seems to either bloom seamlessly and naturally in an otherwise non-lucid dream or incredibly spectacularly in a more wake induced type of scenario. The former tends to feel completely natural while the later is always exhilarating but short lived this early on in my training.

For me the most intense sensation comes upon waking from a strong lucid event or from a brief period of clear light that I sometimes find instead of the dream after a strong period of hypnagogia. That feeling of euphoria as I realize in the waking state what has just happened in the dream is incredible.


The first time I got lucid, it was like I was sitting in a movie theater watched a film on a 2-d screen, and suddenly I get sucked into the screen and into the 3-d world of the actors in the scene. Subsequent lucid dreams were not so dramatic but I always remember the shock of that first time.

Usually, even after years of LD practice, I am astonished to find that I am dreaming when I get lucid – right up to the moment of lucidity, I feel so totally and completely awake, that I spend a few moments in that amazed state before moving on with the dream.


So love hearing other peoples experiences so thank you.

I’m no way comparing us to enlightened beings but I feel the incredible energy that people feel when we become lucid in a dream must be, on a tiny scale, what enlightened people feel when they awaken in this world.

I’ve not had any experience of clear light @Steve_Gleason but it sounds incredible. I can totally agree with the sensations of waking after such an experience. It feels so profound spiritually but the physical tingling, warmth, excited calmness (if that’s even a thing) stays with me for quite a while.

It’s interesting you mentioned feeling ‘lightweight’ @Phoenix. When I become lucid and try to meditate in the dream, I always seem to start floating higher and higher, sometimes having to put my hands out for balance lol.


That is definitely a thing for me. That excited calmness is something that I feel when I get deep into a wake induction state and I know that the threshold is right in front of me.


To me the moment of becoming lucid kind of feels like when I figure out the trick of a magician, or the instance of finding a solution to a chess problem. It also is always accompanied by a quiet feeling of security followed by calmness.

@Mutashi When I usually sobered up after having drunk too much, the dominant feeling is more the happiness for the ease of pain of the headache :wink: But yes, clarity coming back to normal bears some similarity.