Social Intimacy & Physical Distancing [#13] – Recorded on 7/02/2020

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Join us next time!

In this time of isolation and stress, it’s helpful to feel connected to others. What we need is social intimacy and physical distancing.

On Thursdays at 1:00 pm Mountain Time, Andrew will be offering free weekly online meetings to share teachings appropriate for this time, and to respond to questions from the community.

We’ll talk about how to work with anxiety, fear, isolation, insomnia, heartbreak, uncertainty, and sickness – for starters. Andrew will continue to offer these weekly gatherings for as long as they are helpful. Practices appropriate to this situation will also be offered.

This is a free event and all are welcome to join and participate!

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Interesting Q&A about disappointment.

d’oh! I was looking for this link between a phrase mentioned and resulting trigger of a ZoomBomb in the chat. Chat isn’t on recording! (probably a good thing).

Didn’t see a Zoom Bomb. You sure it was this Hangout? Chat linked above. Also, transcript below.

15:05:08 From Prem Anjali : Yea Andy!
15:05:36 From berylmallinson : Good afternoon from Vancouver Island BC
15:05:37 From Maura Peglar : Yes, really appreciate Andy! Many thanks
15:05:37 From Andy K. - Moderator : I’m blushing! :slight_smile: Thank you everyone for continuing to show up! :slight_smile:
15:05:50 From Katie 627 : Thank you Andy! You are wonderful
15:06:03 From Andy K. - Moderator : Say HI and tell us where you are streaming from today!
15:06:14 From Prem Anjali : Hi from Yogaville, Virginia
15:06:29 From Barry Sponder : Hi from Massachusetts
15:06:30 From Heather Holley : hi Heather Ann from rural Minnesota
15:06:31 From Lynne : Hi from Loveland Colorado
15:06:33 From Adam Michelini : upstate ny
15:06:38 From Patricia B : Hi from Yorkshire, UK
15:06:50 From cathy curry : Hi….Portland Oregon
15:06:58 From Mary Redlin : Namaste from the prairie, South Dakota
15:06:58 From Katie 627 : Hi I’m Katie from the wild lands of Northern New Mexico
15:06:59 From Whitney Wolf : Namaste all… residing in Rio Rancho, New Mexico
15:07:07 From deloreshammons : Hi ya’ll, Dee from Gainesville, Georgia
15:07:11 From Galaxy S8+ : hi from Israel, ariella
15:07:17 From Liz Brown : hi everyone - I’m calling in from Oxfordshire in the UK. Gratitude for another weekly hangout and big thanks Andy and Andrew !
15:07:42 From bonnieoconnor : Namaste from North Idaho
15:07:48 From David Wimberly : Eco-Loved from Nova Scotia, Canada.
15:07:56 From StephAn Schramm : Gear hart or egon
15:08:04 From Brenda : hello from Almonte Ontario Canada, grateful for this regularity during this time
15:08:04 From Linda Rae : hi from nj, Linda Rae
15:08:31 From Virginia Bower : Hi All–VA here in Asheville, NC
15:13:23 From Kandy Hirsch : hi from Tucson AZ
15:14:50 From Prem Anjali : Upcoming online program with Andrew on the Bardos & preparing for a good death (ie. Also a good life!). The program will be a 4-day online retreat Labor Day weekend. Email me if you want more info:
15:16:17 From Edson José Cortiano : Hi everyone, from Curitiba, in the South of Brazil.
15:18:01 From Kasia Nowak : hi, NS, Canada
15:25:28 From Joel & Michelle Levey : How do we get access to the Nightclub archives?
15:26:10 From Sue :
15:27:56 From Edson José Cortiano : Thank you. Very helpful.
15:28:54 From vivian : I’ve been having lucid dream since before I ever heard about them, it is not often but I always meet and talk with my late husband who passed 35 yrs ago, I love it when it happens and try to make it last… is it called lucid dreaming?
15:39:50 From Debra Jean : I didn’t catch the author of Lucid Dreaming. Thanks!
15:40:11 From Edson José Cortiano : It’s Ryan Hurd.
15:45:13 From Norbu : The Pure Land of Shakyamuni Buddha!
15:48:27 From Prem Anjali : The human opportunity is to transform flashes of illumination into abiding light. ~Huston Smith
15:48:38 From Sheri Parr : that’s awesome
15:53:13 From Edson José Cortiano : I’d like to suggest you all to catch Andrew’s course: The Foundations of Lucid Dreaming. It’s amazing!
15:54:02 From Andy K. - Moderator : Great recommendation, Edson! I’d also like to mention Andrew is offering the course free for Emerald Plan members of Night Club! :slight_smile:
15:54:25 From gillianparrish : Hello there. This is wonderful. I love Andrew’s books and am glad to find you. Do you meet here like this each week? I have a question, but want time to formulate it. Thank you!
15:54:33 From gillianparrish : (Meaning, I could wait until next week, if this is weekly.)
15:54:52 From Prem Anjali : Yess Gillian, this is a weekly hangout
15:55:52 From gillianparrish : Wonderful! So glad it appeared in my inbox today. Grateful. Will save my question for next week. Thank you.
16:05:44 From Darryl Burnham : One time I gave a talk on disappointment and no one showed up!
16:06:31 From gillianparrish : :slight_smile:
16:06:44 From Edson José Cortiano : I guess you were right on target! :wink: Darryl.
16:08:23 From Prem Anjali : The info is now live & registration open for Andrew’s next online program!
16:18:37 From G. Hanlon : Thank you so much! I have to leave early!
16:21:16 From Sheri Parr : sounds like an integration of the ego with the astral mind …
16:21:36 From Sheri Parr : through the lucidity of thought process …
16:26:10 From Ranah Bastani : Ego is created existence. John Osajima said
16:29:16 From Shuny Hollander : I’d love if you could repeat the names of the books you’ve just mentioned…
16:32:10 From gillianparrish : Hilarious!
16:32:58 From Katie 627 : I LOVE that quote
16:33:13 From Rebecca : Alistair who?
16:33:24 From Edson José Cortiano : Please write it down, my connection is poor.
16:33:24 From Sheri Parr : really lovely perspective
16:33:27 From gillianparrish : Crowley
16:33:39 From Sheri Parr : no way to be enlightened without suffering
16:33:52 From Edson José Cortiano : John Crowley? Of Little, Big?
16:34:40 From gillianparrish : Ah—love that one. Engine Summer is brilliant. (John Crowley). The quote was Alistair Crowley, a bit of a showman occultist, lived up in Loch Ness.
16:34:59 From elizabethready : I had asked in an earlier session where in the Karmapa’s teaching are the instructions on the reverse meditations.
16:35:11 From Edson José Cortiano : Little, Big is one of the best books I’ve ever read!
16:38:00 From Rebecca : love it - Hollywood vs OK
16:38:20 From gillianparrish : “Enlightenment is not like Hollywood; it’s like Oklahoma” Ha–yes!
16:38:27 From gillianparrish : So great…thank you so much…
16:38:28 From Shuny Hollander : Does Sutra tantra and Dzogchen all lead to the same realization? and the same bliss? What if you get attached to this Bliss and get depressed when you lost it?:frowning:
16:38:35 From pdellross : Thank you again Andrew!!! Wow!!!
16:38:38 From Prem Anjali : Thank you Andrew!!! Awesome!!!
16:38:42 From Shuny Hollander : Thank you :slight_smile:
16:38:43 From gillianparrish : The Norbu gave was marvelous…maybe Alistair Crowley, who I don’t know about, is like Artaud…very lucid at times…at others crazy…)
16:38:47 From Tanja : Thank you Andy K for all this! :slight_smile:
16:38:52 From Maura Peglar : Many thanks!
16:38:56 From Barry Sponder : Great talk
16:38:59 From Edson José Cortiano : Golden Lucid Slumbers to everyone!

I’m sure if there was, it was edited out. :slight_smile:

We gotta figure out a way to insert a “love-bomb” into these chat sessions LOL!


All the views that’s fit to print.

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