Think pink: Getting a good night's sleep in difficult times

This is an interesting overview of “pink noise” research and how it holds promise for better sleep. We all know about “white noise” and how that can help with sleep, but pink noise is a different frequency, and warrants exploration. I find these studies of particular interest because the subtle body that supports the subtle dreaming mind is “made” of sound. Whatever we can discover to help us get deeper sleep is worth a look.

Here are a few highlights from the article:

Many people are familiar with white noise: noise that covers the full range of human hearing at equal intensity, like static from a radio or analogue television set. Pink noise, by contrast, is more intense at lower frequencies, resulting in a deeper sound, like steady rain.

By exposing study participants to pink noise during deep sleep cycles, the researchers were able to increase the percentage of time that participants spent in deep sleep.

“Encouragingly, presenting pink noise at the correct time and intensity did not degrade performance the way disruptive noises did,” Mathew said. “This means that future technology could harness the ability of pink noise to enhance sleep quality without impairing our functioning the next day.”


The caveat: I looked up an MIT article someone shared here about (“injection”?). That page linked to another: ‘wearables’ and why home products don’t work. They basically said effective home sleep tech was impossible without being hooked up to all the wires and big tracking computers at a sleep lab. The reason - correct timing is required for an individual’s sleep cycles or it could jack their sleep up.

Still in the Sci-fi realm for the rest of us, unfortunately. :sob:

I heard about “pink noise” ~10 yrs ago, but in context for hyper sensitivity and focus. Sounds that light up every skin nerve, daylight that pierces the skull, etc.

It was back when I was searching for theta sounds to dub over and found all kinds of neat sound possibilities that were officially dubbed “new age psychobabble” by The Professionals.

For the benefit of all sentient beings, I deleted my dream project off-topic blurb :blush:

Maybe 1 month ago I fell down ‘brain entrainment’ rabbit hole, starting with sound, which lead me to a remote viewing site.

'Cuz the 2 are totally related. :roll_eyes:

HOWEVER! The site offers a free “Cooldown CD” as individual prep. When you DL it, the file name is “CoordinatedRemoteViewing-CooldownPinkNoise.mp3”

If anyone wants to give it a whirl:

“Colorful” set of topics recently, pink noise, white dreams . . .

I saw an email summary of the white dream post and that’s my next task! :grin:

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PS - I followed the link and there’s a Pink Noise “sleep app”.
When you’re in deep sleep, the app starts playing pink noise until you hit a lighter stage of sleep.

Don’t recall if the research was from their app (think so!) or the 200-EEG-sensor setups.

Took me a couple back-tracks to realize this, and been meaning to share.

Only for iPhone.

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