Today 2/11 4PM EST A-Tri, 2 Fundamentals

This is an intermittent class by Dr. Bob Marin. This week appears to be more advanced than usual, he teaches 2 fundamental steps in the Bon A-Tri Dzogchen of The Inner Mirror. 1. The Absorptions, and 2. Recognizing Mind (or Self).
The instructor is very flexible and supportive of new people and you can arrive late, leave early, and your video can be turned off if you desire. It is free with donation requested.
" Launch Meeting - Zoom "
Meeting ID 341 868 9548

More info at , abt middle of page

I have no financial interest, am just always on the lookout for more advanced teachings like AH and wanted to share for members with similar interests.


Synchronicity, the speaker shared a quote from AH :slight_smile:


Was a great meeting thank you for letting us know about it.

The guy was very smart and friendly. and knew the Dharma very well.

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