Virtual Hangout [#32] - Recorded on 11/12/2020

Replay session #32 on Zoom:


Listened to this while walking through the local golf course in the rain. Such great questions and answers! How could we ever go back to no online content such as this?


I’m fairly new to this community and quite shy (I haven’t posted a formal introduction yet and have only engaged by replying to other posts). Notwithstanding my zoom fatigue, I totally agree with your comment about the merits of this global online experience!

I find it very generous of Andrew to offer these virtual hangouts. I’m taking his Bardo Thodol course on the Embodied Philosophy platform and feeling a bit green relative to some of the other participants, I was reticent to participate during the Q&A yesterday. I attended the virtual hangout today and it felt like going to see a professor during office hours and I ended up asking a question.

I’m not on ANY social media (being a countercultural, privacy freak) and I would add that the general tone here feels very welcoming and safe, even if I occasionally feel a tad intimidated by the musings of some of the more advanced practitioners. It’s great that there is a place for us to have these exchanges: I began my particular journey before the Internet was in existence so this is an immense gift and I am very grateful to Andrew and this entire community for the wisdom and friendship which is being shared here.


Looks like I missed a really good hangout!
Andrew, loved your response to my question and your hilarity and levity with this material.