🎧 Virtual reality researchers aim to induce lucid dreaming with new wearable

From the article:

According to the CEO, the startup is working to “detect when dreamers are in REM to induce and stabilize lucid dreams.” However, manipulating brain activity is vastly different from simply monitoring it. The company’s objective is to trigger lucid dreaming. While some non-invasive methods for inducing lucid dreams exist, their effectiveness is still uncertain.


Almost feels like an invisble hand is trying to bury this technology.

Maybe they fear humanity is not ready to wake up? Or the samsaric economy is not ready for it?

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I tried to talk my wife into buying this for black Friday, it was $100 off. Has almost a 6 mile range, goes 81 mph and a VR headset you wear while your flying it to see where your going.

Thought it would be a cool item to integrate with lucid dreams.


Here is some footage from it:

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success? . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Nope lol. She pointed out I have two virtual reality headsets that sit around and never get used along with the high end computer I built to run them.

She has a fair point :smiling_face:.

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I’m feeling cautious about this technology. What it does is that it detects when you are in REM sleep (dreaming) and then it electrically stimulates the frontal lobe in the gamma brainwave frequencies (very high frequencies) which is likely to cause lucidity. But I wonder about artificially altering brainwave frequencies during sleep. Is this a good thing? Years ago there was a biofeedback device you could get that would monitor brainwavies during sleep and then a flashing light would start when REM sleep starts up. You would see the flashing light in the dream and think, “Oh, I know what that means, this is a dream!” and then you’d become lucid. Seems like a more natural way to do it. I had a friend who recently searched the internet to see if these flashing light headbands were still available and they don’t seem to be.