Whispers of Wisdom thoughts

"Modern post-industrial societies tend to produce un-sane populations -

  • multitudes of people who are unbalanced in their adaptation to the
    destructive stress of daily existence. One of the symptoms of this un-
    sanity is the loss of contact between the waking ego and the depths of the
    self, a contact that requires involvement in dream experiences and

"Cultures generally resist change, and modern materialist societies are
no different in this respect. Devaluation of dreaming and other
spiritually efficacious experiences is part of the foundation of ‘false
consciousness’ required by capitalist/materialist political economies.

“Materialist cultures require that the focus of awareness be upon the
material conditions of life and away from involvement with the inner
being which is the only road to spiritual maturation.”

—Charles D. Laughlin, Communing with the Gods: Consciousness,
Culture and the Dreaming Brain


Reminds me of the opening number of “Fiddler on the Roof.”

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