Why very old topics come up in the "latest"?

Hello everyone,

I noticed an issue with the forum, some old topics come up in the thread of “Latest” on the home page of the forum. It is really disturbing for me. I suspect it is when someone visit it recently or maybe like a post in it. I would prefer seeing the latest post that had been posted or replied to.

Is it possible to change this ? It is very disturbing my user experience of this site. I believe I am not the only one (as John Lennon used to say)

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Hi @Palopoli_Art,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts around this! I never thought that the “bumping” of older posts would be detrimental to ones experience. So it’s helpful to hear your perspective :slight_smile:

This is actually a feature that can be turned on/off - and for several reasons we thought it would be beneficial to the community to have it turned on. Maybe we were wrong!

To clarify, we are only “bumping” posts from two (2) categories - #welcome-introductions + #dream-journal. So, posts that people introduce themselves and posts that people share their dreams.

For anyone interested, here is a little more context on the concept and use cases for “bumping” posts - Automatically bumping old topics on a category - announcements - Discourse Meta

I’d be curious to hear feedback from other members in the community. Let’s put it to a poll…

Should we continue to “bump” old topics automatically on a regular basis?
  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks again for bringing this up!


I’m into bumping old posts in general. Regardless of whether that’s done, I also encourage anyone to take on the role of Resurrector of Lost Threads, should they feel the call



I love this. Who will take the title of “Resurrector of Lost Threads”? :rofl:

Thanks for the input @ArthurG


Thank you for taking action on it, I really appreciate.

I understand now why you did these bumping. It make sense.

My experience was a feeling a frustration when I saw a post with the time on the right indicating “2h” and then the last reply was in November 20’.

Maybe bumping old posts will be okay, but is there a possibility not to change the date of the update of the post on the home page ?

Ultimately I respect that for other members this is not a problem at all. I may have my own sensibility about it and my own shadow knocking at the door :laughing:

Thank you again for the reply,


Glad you brought this up. When it first happened I did a double-take, triple-take, and then looked to see that the last poster had recently been to the site again, initiating the repost, or so it seemed. I like knowing how things worked out— I can learn something—so if someone wrote about nightmares for example, I’m interested to find out if they had made any progress in that area. So I responded to a few.

More recently, I discovered Bookmarks so I can save posts that I find particularly useful. The site navigation is not difficult, just unfamiliar, so it’s great to have that illusion challenged.