Aloha from Portugal, beautiful dreamers :)

Blessings beloved ones,

My name is Vanda Pereira. I am Portuguese and currently living near the beach in the South of Lisbon. I love:
walking outdoors,
writing (i have three published Portuguese books in Portugal and Brazil - “Messages form the Heart”, “Intuitive Power”, and “Dream Relationships that come True” and working on my 4th which is my first one for children),
singing (which i found out to be so great for dreaming lucid),
drawing (in one of my most amazing lucid dreams, the nights before i did some drawings that, for my surprise back then, manifested in the dreams),
learning about almost anything,
computers (i constructed my website).

I’m a spiritual teacher since 2011 and since January 2023 I started dreaming lucid with my “Lucid Dream Plans”.
This has been a huge transformation in my life and deep elevation of my consciousness. It has become a passion.

In February I started already teaching it - to a group of close friends and clients (this one was for free).
As i was preparing for teaching it again on a new journey next June, i came to know Andrew. I received his article about the 10 tips to dream lucid and I already practiced one of his recommended “assanas”: the Sleeping Lion Posture and it helps me to sleep better and to dream lucid. Brilliant. Thank you.

I have been learning a lot in the last months and I’m so happy to share my findings with you all. If Andrew would like me to share any of my findings with you, I’m deeply happy to do so.
What interests me about Nigh Club is that we Bless each other in this incredible adventure of dreaming - during the day and in our dream world. These blessings can come in the form of sharing dreams, stories and knowledge about lucid dreaming and the nature of life.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that the more we talk about dreams, the more they manifest, empowering any creative process - this is also another reason to be here with you.

Looking forward for building this with you.
Thank you for receiving me.


Welcome to the Night Club community Vanda! Looking forward to reading/seeing/hearing about your singing and drawing methods for attaining lucidity in dreams. You’ll find many resonant chords here for those beautiful art forms. Andrew Holececk will be in Europe, or may be there now, do you plan to attend one of his retreats? Your website sounds inviting, can we visit? Great to have you join us.


thank you so much dear Barry :slight_smile:
soon I will be sharing what you mention - singing and drawing methods. (great guide for my contribution to this community)
I’m not planning to attend one of Andrew’s retreats because i didn’t know that he’s (or will be) in Europe. I will take a look. thank you.
my website is:
it’s a very basic one.
all that i do is VERY simple… full of love and intention.
great to feel your warmth and curiosity.


Welcome! We’re glad to have you with us and look forward to collaborating on any concepts or ideas that may arise as you explore your path.

The point you shared about lucid dreaming and its potential to expand and elevate consciousness is a topic that I find very interesting as well, and I believe it to be true. Lately, I’ve been reflecting on some of my hyperdetailed and hyperrealistic lucid dreams. These experiences have been rare for me, but when they do occur, I wake up with a sense of awe and wonder. Most importantly, I wake up with a feeling that what I encountered in those dreams surpassed the limitations of my mind in the present moment.

In many teachings, I think the aspect that truly connects us to the otherworldly is the interaction with them in a space of unlimited potential. Even though lucid dreams exist solely within our minds(maybe?), they still create a profound connection due to the depth of the experiences. Observing what these beings are capable of (or what we perceive them to be capable of) in their various planes of existence and integrating their teachings while we are awake brings us closer to their wisdom, ultimately elevating our consciousness.

I recall hearing in Buddhist teachings that they don’t ask for blind belief but instead encourage individuals to see and experience for themselves. During my waking hours, Buddhism and certain beings I have aligned myself with truly fulfill that promise for me.

This is where my concept of expanding consciousness through practices, both in sleep or while awake, intersects with yours. Some of the things we learn during the daytime, when practiced in a lucid state, may attract the presence of specific beings.

There is one dream, in particular, where I began to explore this idea. I found myself in a singing mood while flying around, and I started singing “Hallelujah.” As I sang, the dreamscape began to morph horizontally, with colors shifting to a dominant white hue and a shimmering effect. I only knew a small section of the song, and when the words I knew ended, the appearing colors rapidly retracted, a good representation of how this happened in the dream is when you see one of the sea creatures that quickly pulls back the instant it is touched.

I just wanted to share this thought because you mentioned the blending of daytime and nighttime practices.

Again, welcome!


thank you for your sharing :slight_smile:
i register my dreams since 2003 - Richard Bach in his book “The Bridge to Eternity” was my inspiration.
I’m in the shamanic path since 2005 and took refuge with Tulku Lobsang in 2013 after being initiated to the Medicine Buddha in 2007.
I have also studied Jung psychology.
All this practice and studying empowers greatly my dreams and their link with the awaken reality.
Even from normal dreams I receive premonitions and guidance for the everyday life. I also receive inspiration for my creations.
And indeed i strongly believe in making experiments and feeling and seeing it for yourself.
Most of the stability I gain in my lucid dreams comes from that - experimenting what makes sense for me and seeing the results.
Thank you and blessings on your beautiful singing - i could almost hear your singing “Hallelujah” :slight_smile:


His books Illusions 1 & 2 were very good. They have great audiobook versions read by him on YouTube available.

Going to take a listen to The Bridge to Eternity, thank you for the recommendation.


The same guy who wrote Johnathan Livingston Seagull? Pretty popular back in the day. Good music too,


yes, it’s the same author :slight_smile: inspiring music indeed…


thank you for the link to the music…
it’s such a wonderful piece of love, inspiration and art…
I added it to the playlist of my workshops on this theme.
thaaaaank you :slight_smile:


it’s biographic and deeply inspiring…
enjoy :slight_smile:


Desejando que possas encontrar o desejo do teu coração nesta comunidade de sonhadores. Vivo na ilha da Madeira, que em termos legais é Portugal, embora alguns madeirenses, como saberás, não concordem :).

Wishing that you may find your heart’s desire among this community of dreamers. I live on the island of Madeira, which as legal matters stand is Portugal, although some Madeirenses, as you may know, don’t quite agree :).

Andrew just finished a workshop near Orgiva, Spain, a somewhat related account of which you can find in the “General Discussion” category. He will soon start another in France – which is to say, we now have the privilege of enjoying Andrew’s company in Europe. I can’t speak to Andrew’s assessment of the workshop/retreat in Spain, but my sense of fellow participants is that it was a success, that there may be impetus to return to Europe. Or perhaps I am merely projecting a hope – be that what it may, keep your eye out for some neighborly gatherings.

Thank you for sharing news of your various projects. May this community nourish them, may you find the resources to spread news of Andrew’s work among Portuguese speakers. Enjoy.


thank you so much for the warm welcome :slight_smile: so nice to read you in Portuguese.
it touches my heart reading your blessing to nourish my projects…
GRATIDÃO (gratitude in Portuguese)

I have checked Andrew’s website and yes, there is a one week retreat in France that will start on the 20th this month - it’s too soon for me - i will be in almost vacation (only one online workshop) starting on the 29th May until the 13th of June, and it would be too much moving in such short notice :slight_smile:

From what I read about Andrew i can only think of success on his path.

Living in Madeira, you reminded me that later this year I will be guiding a one week retreat from the 23rd to the 30th of October in Azores @ Alma do Pico. The subjects will be lucid dreaming, yoga, creative expression of dreams and dream constellations. It’s a great context to do this work - as well as Madeira.

Andrew in Madeira sounds delightful :slight_smile:
and yes, i am already talking about his work because the sleeping lion posture is truly wonderful and i learned it from him.


Okay, we have to dream Andrew retreating to Portugal, or workshopping his way here, Madeira could be splendid, but then Portugal is vast and so is its beauty. Intrigued by your offering in the Azores – I will search for the details. I do not know the Azores, only flown by, but of what I hear from friends, yes, I trust it makes for a delightful retreat/workshop. Best wishes.


Andrew retreating in Portugal feels wonderful :slight_smile:

About Azores, you can find the details here

Pico specifically has an incredible energy of what humans can accomplish together. the vines that were built are dazzling. I walked miles and miles on this Island and felt a huge power coming from the earth and the sky.

best wishes also to you.
thank you.


Welcome to the club!

I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on intuition, and its power.
How do you differentiate between intuitive thoughts vs thoughts of the ego?

Glad to hear to are having to much success with dreaming, and also helping to spread the ‘gospel’, I think as you explore this site and the content deeper you will find lots of wisdom to help deepen your practice.

What are dream constellations?


The intention in the dream constellations i facilitate is emotional growth, as well as psychic and spiritual consciousness, with a common group will of helping the integration of some dream contents.

It’s based in the work of German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger - Family Constellations. He learned with several African cultures about family structures that promote keeping a family sense of being and belonging. He learned a lot with the shamanic Zulu tribe.

Hellinger’s process can help in the releasing of burdens of people who still have some blocking residues weakening them because of non-resolved family trauma. In family constellation memories are reconfigured in a reconciliation of ancestral presences, represented by volunteers.

When we apply this to dreams, participants may serve as vehicles for dissolving energetic knots and psychic entanglements reflected on a particular dream. This can support the resolution and clarification of dreams with tension energy. The effect can be profoundly positive in the life of the dreamer.

After a brief explanation of the process, one or two dreams are interpreted with the support of the group, encouraging the dreamer to be the maximum authority of his dream.
The facilitator, in harmony and connection with the participants, chooses the dream that will be constellated and writes in papers the several elements of the dreamers’ psyche aspects and/or of the dream. These papers are distributed randomly and volunteerly to the participants.

Since the paper remains folded for most of the time and the identities of the represented elements unknown to everyone involved in the constellation, everyone shares the fascinating adventure of putting aside their discursive abilities and entering a mysterious “field” in which a higher group intelligence seems to command the gestures, behaviors and feelings of the intervention parts of the dream.

In a intuitive wave, what seemed to be chaotic gains clarity and resolution. The results tend to be extraordinary when we let go of control and honor the dream as a vehicle of transmission of energy, clarifying the communication of meaning. Without knowing the representatives act in the name of a dream element, including a human figure, other living beings, objects, aspects of the dreamer’s psyche or abstract concepts. This kind of representation can be better understood as a soft and benign possession in a sacred space (strong intention and cleaned at all levels - physical, emotional, mental and energetic).

Simple questions based on how each representative feels might open the doors to express feelings and desires. By invitation or natural movement, representatives change place and position in the constellation according to the intuitive feeling of those wishes.

In the eminence or awakening of the resolution, the facilitator invites the representatives to reveal to themselves and others who they “are”

it can end with the incorporation of the dreamer in the constellation, with the loving support of the facilitator in the sense of an intuitive collective choreography, or in simply feeling the impact of the constellation, in a profound sharing with the group.

In some cases, the insights can happen a few months after, due to the profound intimacy shared.

Thanks for asking :slight_smile:


thank you for welcoming me into this club NightHawk :slight_smile:

About intuition and its power i wrote a book about this topic with 300 pages :slight_smile: it’s a whole context. but the main thing is to work it (there are many techniques) like you work a muscle so that you learn how to differentiate what is intuition and what is ego :slight_smile: and actually, the thoughts of the ego can be very useful - in the right context :slight_smile:

i will explore the site, yes. thank for letting me know that there’s a whole iceberg in this platform where i feel already love and warmth.

thank you.


Awesome thank you, I was wondering that, if you could work it and train it like a muscle. I feel like when I started doing yoga and then later meditation, I was helping cultivate intuition without even knowing it.

Not sure when Andrew is starting the Q&A again, or Book study group for the new book, but definitely submit a question before hand, or live if you can attend, and he is very helpful in the replies.


Very cool. Appreciate you sharing this, really fascinating.

Wow that seems like it is a very powerful ceremony. I think there is strength in numbers if the intention(s) of the group are pure.

That Intuitive Wave is a term I have not heard used before. Sounds very powerful, and it would gather this power from the synergy of the Group (Like when people pray for a common cause or meditate together)


yes, that’s it.
it’s a very magical process.
also with some fun because of the unexpected :slight_smile: