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Introduce yourself and meet other members from the global Night Club community! :wave: :slightly_smiling_face:

Night Club members come from all around the world and are at all different stages of the path. Connect with other like-minded dreamers, practitioners, teachers, students and more.

Here are some questions/ideas that you can use when introducing yourself:

  • Where are you from?

  • What are some of your passions, likes, hobbies, or interests?

  • How long have you been interested or studying nocturnal meditations, lucid dreaming, dream yoga, etc? (You may want to share a personal story or experience).

  • What brings you to Night Club? Is there something particular about the Night Club that interests you?


Wonderful to be here!
I am a Dream Worker in Izmir-Turkey.
I work on both my dreams and my clients’. Also I am working on being lucid. I am a lucid dreamer Since my childhood just because of my nightmares. Now, I have been working on being lucid as much as possible. I am eager to learn more and deeper feom all of you.
Let’s see all together what will happen next.


Hi there, I am living in Austin Texas. I’m passionate about the philosophies and practices of eastern religions. I’m a meditation and yoga Nidra teacher- research assistant my trade. I’ve been lucid dreaming since I was 12 and I still remember the dreams I had then. I’ve been a nightclub member for around a month now and am trying to catch up with the outpouring of wisdom and knowledge offered. Thanks for engaging with me here and for sharing your dreams. Here’s to dreaming good dreams!



Namaste. I’m Stephanie from Bennington, Vermont, USA. I am retired after 40 years in the behavioral health field. I moved to Vermont four years ago from Virginia where I resided for +50 years. I am very much interested in Buddhism, classical music, dream interpretation, meditation, bridge, singing, hiking, walking, gardening, reading. I have come to this group after watching a dharma talk by Andrew Holecek from Buddha Fest. I also have been listening to his weekly Thursday afternoon discussion group.


I’m Alan Siegel from Albany, NY. My Hebrew name is Chaim. It means “Life”. I sign all the spiritual writings using that name. I used to be a “grounded” caterpillar. I had no direction or purpose in my life. Eckhart Tolle’s book, “The Power of Now” had a huge influence in my spiritual development. I’ve been “awakened” to the source of existence. I’m now a fully functional “beautiful Butterfly”. I no longer live in a world of limitations. My imagination allows me to FLY freely! Love to all who understand this message!



I am happy join this community! When I first practiced Dream Yoga under the guidance of a Tibetan teacher I had many fulfilling experiences and also many challenges. As I didn’t know anyone else who practiced Dream Yoga, I had difficulty understanding how to work through some of my problems. Eventually after several years, I became discouraged and stopped practicing. Since then, I’ve read accounts of other dreamers who have similar challenges and this has been so helpful. I know first hand the incredible value and potential for transformation with lucid dreaming and I’m looking forward to practicing again. I live in Portland, Oregon and love singing in a classical choir (when possible). Since many of my other activities such as singing for hospice patients and working with the homeless community are on hold at present, I plan to make this winter a time for retreat.

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Hey all, I’m Jason.

I’m excited to join the club! I’m from Philadelphia, currently live in San Diego. I’m a swimmer, been doing a lot of ocean swims lately, dabble in surfing, backpacking, and mountain biking.

For mental fitness, I love mindfulness meditation training in combination with lucid dreaming and I’m always working on my own Mindfulness-Based Lucid Dreaming course material. I’ve been studying lucid dreaming for 10 years, started in college as a Psych major.

I work in sleep medicine as a technologist, have done a bit of dream research at UCSD, and have been really into mindfulness for the past 6 years or so.

I joined because I really like to stay connected with like-minded folks in this small but growing niche. I’ve found the ‘solitary adventure’ is more fun in groups. Also, I think I have a pretty good understanding of how Mindfulness and Lucid dreaming go together, but I know I have much much more to learn! So, that’ll scratch the surface of why I’m joining :slight_smile:

Cheers y’all, looking forward to connecting and sharing.


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Hi there from the South of France. What a wonderful surprise finding this group. My last, and first, experience of lucid dreaming was when I was 14, 73 years ago. Since 1964 I have been occupied with past-life regression and earning a living playing the piano whilst travelling about the world. Recently I have been directed to OBEs and am hoping to go in that direction via lucid dreaming. Anyone had experience of that? Thanks in advance for any pointers.


Hi There-

I live in San Clemente, CA but I was born and raised in Peru. I have very vivid detailed long dreams and remember at least 2-3 dreams per night. I have had lucid dreams before I knew anything about lucid dreams so I am interested in learning more and continue to practice lucid dreaming. I am also interested in dream interpretation as I do not know how to interpret dreams. Yesterday I had a long dream I was with my husband at this beautiful resort with other family members. My husband and I went to pick up this beautiful little baby boy (golden hair, glowing, healthy, happy boy) from an indoor swimming pool where the baby was having swimming classes/day care. I remember holding the baby boy and seeing a radiant being. Just full love and bliss and then I woke up. We don’t have children and we are not planning to so I don’t have any idea what the dream was about.

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I just joined the free group tonight and your question about OBEs is a topic that I hope to bring up with Andrew at some point. I have had lucid dreams since childhood but forgot how when I was a teenager only to rediscover it in college. It was then that a classmate gave me a copy of Stephen Laberge’s book Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming in 1992. I then started searching for and reading all books about Lucid Dreaming and the more Esoteric topic of Astral Projection. I found it very interesting that Laberge believed that the experience of Lucid dreaming was an subjective phenomenon, whereas I believed that it was an objective experience that gave one access to other dimensions of reality and beings, teachers or other Astral Travelers.
During my quest for answers I came across a book that cleared up the matter somewhat. Unfortunately I don’t remember who the author was or the name of the book and I have searched for it for 30 years. Even with the internet and Amazon I haven’t found it. I was hoping that someone here may have the answer. I remember that it was a soft cover workbook sized text at least 8x10 or slightly larger. It was formatted with exercises and space to write in the book. In any case to answer your question, the author claimed that Lucid dreaming is a subjective experience and is the gateway to the Astral Plane which is an objective reality. I was able to successfully employ one of the induction techniques in the book to achieve OBEs.
The technique was to first become lucid by repeating throughout the day " The next time I’m dreaming, I will realize I am dreaming."
Simple enough, this induction is similar to many effective well known techniques. However the next step added another phrase. Once you feel you have a good level of success you change the induction phrase to " The next Time I’m dreaming, I will realize I’m dreaming, then I will realize I’m not dreaming but that I am awake and out of my body."
I am 95% sure on the wording of this, that’s why I would love to get a hold of this book again. Using this method I quickly obtained results. It was incredible and I would describe it like this. For me becoming Lucid is like an instantaneous crystallization of all my physical scenes. Everything in the dream becomes hyper vivid and clear, I have terrible eyesight but when lucid I can see for miles, the detail is incredible. After using the new induction I moved with the speed of light from the crystal clarity of Dream Lucidity to something else, something I had never experienced before. I am at a loss of words to describe it, except to say it was like being lucid but clearer. I suddenly became aware that I was no longer dreaming in my mind, that I was free from my physical body and the options were limitless. The whole environment changed. There was another technique which I don’t remember but the result was becoming aware of of my physical body simultaneously while Astral Traveling. These explorations brought me to many lands and meetings with other beings. As life happens, directions change and my formal efforts to achieve these states waxes and wanes. I’m back now looking for support and to continue exploring.
Best wishes, I hope this finds you well and is of some help.


Hello people I am francine from New York city. I am interested in being better able to have lucid dream both at night and during the day I am enjoying the new book “Dreams of LIght” I have a large library on Buddhism and alternative health I also enjoy many science fiction books


Hi Everyone, I’m Holly from Lander, Wyoming. I’ve been interested in dreams and lucid dreams since I was a teenager, but didn’t really pursue it much. Then last year I experienced a hyper lucid dream that was so astonishing it prompted me to sign up for one of Andrews workshops at Shambhala Mountain Center. I’ve been practicing lucid dreaming since then, with pretty limited success, which has been discouraging at times. But I’ve also taken up a dedicated meditation practice in Dzogchen/Mahamudra tradition, and very interested in illusory form practices Andrew speaks of in his book Dreams of Light. I just finished Andrews online course and have a renewed sense of inspiration in my lucid dreaming practice. Excited to be here and grateful for this community and Andrews books and courses! Blessings and love. Holly

Hello from Santa Fe, NM. I have practiced Vipassana meditation for 30 years and in the last years have been gradually introduced to Tibetan teachings. Besides being a dedicated meditation practitioner, I am also a pianist and singer. I play and practice everyday, classical music, memorizing pieces now for the first time. I also do improvisation. I was married 57 years, my husband died 5 years ago and since then I have been able to commit to my 2 practices of music and meditation. I also love to cook and I share what I cook with others. I have 4 married children and 15 grandchildren (4 are spouses) and 3 great grand boys. But nobody needs my help so I am free to follow my bliss. I am a retired psychotherapist and worked with dreams for years in the psychological realm. I’m drawn to studying with Andrew because having spent so much time learning to be awake during the day, it makes sense that the next frontier for me is to bring some consciousness to nighttime dreaming. I’ve never accomplished lucidity but my dreams are spacious and full of light. So I’m eager to work with this practice of dream yoga. I also do hospice work and have been interested in death and dying for a long time.



I’m Dulce, originally from Zimbabwe, but been in the blessed USA for 30 years. I live on the western slope of the Rockies in Colorado. I’m Naropa grad. That school and my MA changed my life for the better. It opened me up to integral theory and Buddhism (which to me is pure psychology – my favorite subject.) My dear friends Denise and Russ turned me onto Andrew and his work. They’re been studying with him for years. It’s a profound joy to be reconnected with the formless and its potentiality once again, especially at this time in my life. Thank you so much for having me.

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Hello everyone
I am new to this community and also to lucid dreaming.
I have always been interested in dreams and strangely enough my dreams used to make sense. These days not so much. I am dreaming about being in places I dont recognise with people I dont know.
I really would like to remember my dreams better and interact so I might get an idea of what is going on.
Oh and my name is Charlotte and I am from Denmark but lives in The Netherlands.
The Nightclub popped up and I think that I might be able to find a bit of help here.
Thank you for letting me join:D

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Warmest greetings from Somerville, MA. So happy to have begun the Dream Work programs several years ago with Andrew, Now that I’m at the exiting end of the last bardo this is important
info.—seeing the transition fading into a new dream.

Love and blessing to all you dreamers.

Loring Palmer (lorpa)

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Hi, I’m from Northern Calif. in Mechoopda Maidu territory. I started a dream group over 25 years ago which meets monthly. I love to bike, dance, have a world music program on community radio, practice tai chi and have been exploring Ancestral Medicine and Racial Healing. I am fascinated with all things related to dreaming and guided imagery and synchronicities… Recently, just before the pandemic reached Calif. in self-guided meditation I had a mermaid come out of the ocean and walk across the sand and begin to come into the hut I was sitting in. A few days later I had texted a friend and ended it with an emoji of a mermaid. She then sent me a story of a Japanese(my ancestry) legendary being who is a Defender against diseases- She is amabiko. In the legend Amabiko tells a man who sights her to draw a picture of her. I took the instructions and also drew a picture of my rendition of her walking out of the water onto the sand.

Hi, my name is Lorena, I am from México. I love to dream, and have been wanting to learn lucid dreaming and yoga nidra for a while. I also practice Vipassana meditation, and I think this is a great platform to learn more about the subject.
Thanks a lot.

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Hello! What a beautiful story, the one of the mermaid. This took me to my last night dream, I was putting back into a crystal water River an octopus and a fish (blue with yellow eyes), that had been too long out of the water and I realized it had been too late, but then they started moving, and lived again.

Just felt like sharing this dream after I read yours.