Ha! Finally in the right place!


My name is Michèle. I am originilly from Argentina, lived though many years in Germany and now since also quite a time in New Zealand.
I work as therapist/counsellor and find that my own trauma interferres at times with my work. I had a spontaneous lucid dream many years ago and recently months and months of nightmares. These days my dreams are very vivid, intense but not really nightmares anymore. I used to write down dreams since I was 21 and came back to it now as I am intending to bring the lucidity back to my night. Very much inspired by Andrew’s book and very interested in deepening my own spirituality and ongoing training (meditation/inner work).
Very much looking forward to read and get inspired by other’s accounts!
Practicing lucid dreaming since three weeks but not successful yet.


Welcome Michele,

Hopefully the country gets over the result quickly. New Zealand did really well to get to the final and to get so close.

If you are having sleep paralysis, which can be quite terrifying, then for me that was part of the journey to true lucid dreaming. If thats the case for you we can exchange further on that topic if you would like to.


:grinning: If at all, I would enjoy a soccer final - not so much into rugby, but yes, heard the All Blacks played good, just didn’t win…

I read about sleep paralysis but never experienced it. Anyway, thank you for offerinf support/exchange in this regard if I ever needed it!


Glad to hear the nightmares seem to have subsided. If they reappear check out Dr. Clare Johnsons work, she is a rockstar!

Very cool to hear that the LDs started occurimg spontaneously, that is what happened to Andrew as well.

You are in the right place to nurture your gifts. A lot of talented dreamers here, and well as tons of great materials.


Thank you for the book & podcast you recommend. Oh, it all feels like such a great discovery! Thank you!!! I am listening to the interview right now. Excellent!


This interview / conversation is just mindblowing! Thank you for posting this.


Hola Michele, bien venida :dolphin:
So great to have you here.

With 3 weeks of practice, you’re on the edge of the Lucid Dream training period: 28/30 days :slight_smile: I did a quest with Charlie Morley, and that’s the recommendation for people who wish to dream lucid.

Here’s a video from a Doctor explaining all about his process (so similar to me and other students):

Infinite Blessings


Thank you. Yes, I had watched that video (and so many others) and will watch it now again. Looking forward to finally experience lucidity - here and there :slight_smile:


Hi @Michele1 - love your title “Finally in the right place”. A very warm welcome and Congratulations :tada: on finding Night Club community of dreamers.

Wishing you many rewarding wonderful experiences here in Night Club, leading you to those awesome places of wisdom knowledge fruititional expansion. :blossom:


Thank you, Bianca. Day 30 and no lucidity. Not giving up though…ever…! Full on intense dreams are back, but I am deeply asleep in them :slight_smile:


That tenacious spirit I think is what differentiates those who fail and give up, vs those who succeed at lucidity long term. Think of it more as a lifelong marathon than a sprint, and you will be rewarded.

The fact that you are remembering them and their intesity and vividness is coming to life is a very good sign. In my mind, I see this process as kind of like making a new best friend with your subconscious. The kinder and more open and the more attention you give it, the more it will open up to you and a deeper bond and connection with form.


Thank you for your response I take as encouragement from a kind soul :slight_smile: The whole process itself is interesting as it allows me to ‘work’ on (= be with) the beliefs driving the inner resitance: “…other people get there, you will NEVER get there…you are different…it will never work for you…”, etc. Depression setting in, hopelessness, dispair, anger… All of this seen as a force I will not surrender to - haha! I actually enjoy the whole process as it allows me to learn about ‘being kind to myself’, practicing equanimity and being watchful, observant, noticing (counter-) movements in the mind… And being part of this incredible community!


It is a really awesome community.

Andrew talks about approaching those dark forces from a place of obersvant compassionate equanimity in his Reverse Meditations book. Cant reccomend that text enough. Diving deep into them, you can get insights of the substance they are really made of.

Excited to hear about your progress and meaniful dreams that pop up along the way.


Hi Michele,

I am really curious to understand your motives for lucidity.

It is a rare phenomenon and I guess most people who experience it didn’t try to go in that direction at the start (although I have no idea of the statistics).

For me it was an evolution from sleep paralysis (night terror) and I didn’t even know that there was a term called “lucid dreaming”.

So it was a disturbing and confusing process but, for sure, enlightening later on.


It’s a long story, but…
I had experienced lucidity many, many years ago and somehow ‘forgot’ later about it. Now - 20-30 years later - still struggling with some aspects of childhood trauma, I came across Charlie Morley and heard him speaking about how to heal trauma through lucid dreaming. It was like a spark that ignited something in me and I started watching all youtube clips I would find and books. Obviously, I came also across Andrew, his and this website and I find him very sweet (particularly his laughter).
I have a long list of what I want to do while lucid dreaming - it encompasses mainly inner work & spirituality. But also walking through walls :slight_smile:

Now it’s over 30 days and even though lucidity in that sense did not happen (yet), I already encountered a week ago in a dream a particular monster that was running after me and I faced it. Yesterday night I experienced a buch of bad energies, monsters that were very aggressive and threatening me and I went into a real battle with them and one after the other they surrendered. I then gave each of them a hug and tears were running down my dream body’s cheek. I woke up with a sense of relief. This - I remembered from Charlie - is something you would actually do in a lucid dream: hugging your inner enemy, monster, etc. as they are all parts of yourself. I am surprised how his words went so deep into my mind that even in an non-lucid dream I applied his suggestions of facing and ‘hugging your monsters’! It’s all just amazing! This whole process, I mean…


Are you lucid dreaming?


Regularly for the past 10 years or so Michele.


Thanks for sharing.

We can continue the exchange if you like.



Walking through walls sounds great, but takes courage. You firstly need to be relaxed enough to go for it and then not worried that you will get stuck in the wall. For sure its nice to do it but has its challenges.


We’ll see when it happens. Still no lucidity here but intense dreams.

I can relate though to what you are saying - courage is needed for anything that is not fitting our current ‘frame of mind’.
Talking about walls, I remember years ago seeing the ‘unreal nature’ of walls and actually everything. It scared me to death. My sister and my ex-partner where there when it happened first and I kept knocking at the wall next to me telling them that it’s real and at the same time not real, an illusion. I was aware of both stages, but I guess I could not handle it well at that time. It took me two weeks to get grounded again. Two really scary weeks where I thought I am losing my mind (and probably I was, but I could not realise the blessing then…). So, yes, being relaxed is probably a very important point. Relaxed and trusting.