Howdy Fellow Seekers

My name is Mary and I am from Australia. After a fairly sudden spiritual awakening about 4 years ago I have been on an dedicated ongoing spiritual learning path.

After awakening I started studying transpersonal psychology and this is when I started a regular meditation practice and dream interpretation practice. I have since done further studies in shamanic practices, dream interpretation and now Buddhist psychology with plans to study depth hypnosis and assist others on their awakening journey.

I am enthralled by how now my mindfulness practices carry through and are mirrored in the dream state. I practice incubating dreams and also do journey work on them to work through karmic patterns and learn from my guides. When not lucid I am always still downloading information and waking to write it down.

I only recently had a completely lucid dream which blew my mind. The energy of this dream kept me on a high for weeks and I have had to learn techniques to become comfortable with embodying and managing this energy. My teacher has told me that next time I should try meditation during the lucid dream state.

I only stumbled upon this site a few days ago and am looking forward to gaining further insight, spiritual development and especially sharing a sense of community as no one I know wants to put in the work required to expand their awareness by working with their dreams.

Thank You for providing this forum. I seek to embody the principles of oneness and share in the light of transformation. Namaste :pray:


Welcome to the Night Club! Andrew has mentioned that when first trying meditation in lucid dreams it is often useful to try walking meditation because so many people wake up when first meditating during a lucid dream. Did your teacher give you instructions for that? Either way, it will be great to hear of your experience when you try it!


Mary, this is an inspiring story. Am fairly new here myself. There are no teachers such as you have in Wellington, New Zealand. I’m casting the net wider now. After I’ve checked out NZ, will be looking at Oz. Does your teacher work locally, or do you think I could connect via the internet? Hope this isn’t too much of a difficult request.
Kind wishes,