Hi, from Melbourne Aus

I have been dabbling in Lucid dreaming, and eastern religions for over 7 years now, I am a practicing Muslim, but I love to study and explore how all traditions lean on each other and compliment one and other. No one around me can understand my interests and practices in the Eastern traditions and Lucid dreaming or Astral Projection, therefor I find my self quite alone in my inner journey, Until now that is!
Im excited to be able to be on a platform of like minded travelers and am so excited to go from dabbler to Dreamer.
My main purpose for lucid dreaming is psychological healing, growth, knowledge and experience. Im also using lucid dreaming as a spring board into Astral Projection, as I have found that the few OBE’s I’ve had have come about by first becoming lucid in my dream, then taking it a step further into ultra Lucidity aka Astral projection.
I read Andrews book Dreams of light first, Im now reading the first book Dream Yoga and am also working through The Work Book, Im amping up my daily practices and saturating my mind with Lucid Dreaming in order to gain Lucidity at will, I know this will take time and effort, but Im commited and apart of that commitment is becoming apart of the Night Club Community.
Thanks for reading, am looking forward to getting to know you all.
Take care.


Have you attended any Webinars? They are an added dimension to this site and a great place to pick up and share ideas.

Hi thanks Barry, I will look into it, just orientating myself with all the content available.