Hello from Bend, OR

Hi all!

I live in Bend, OR, but am originally from Belarus.

I’m a social worker and spend a lot of time climbing, hiking and reading.

Daily meditation has been part of my life for about 10 years and once in a while lucid dreams happen and I wake up really jolly and curious as to what else is there XD Recently they’ve been happening a little more often and so I decided to study the topic and to set up a lucid dreaming practice for myself.

So happy to be a part of this club now as I’ve been wanting to discuss lucid dreaming with someone in my life but it doesn’t seem like an “over coffee” kinda chat for most humans (which is ok). Hoping to meet like-minded people as I dive deeper!



Welcome to the Night Club Lizaveta!

The Night Club has so many resources that focus on Lucid Dreaming and Dream Yoga, so chatting about it can really go in almost any direction. What books or articles have interested you—or perhaps some media you saw that brought you to this website?

Years ago a couple of friends and I went down the rapids near Bend, so I appreciate how beautiful and spacious the Oregon environment is (lived in Portland too). Those lush surroundings can be a great resource for your nighttime lucidity, as several people contributing here have discussed. Do you have a particular meditation tradition or practice that is helping you with dreaming? Monday evenings there is a very good meditation webinar that you might want to attend because it will be a good way to get acquainted with Andrew Holececk or some guest teachers, and see how these approaches may tie into what you are already doing, or perhaps help you extend your own practices. In any case, good to see you here and hope to learn more about your lucid dreams.

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Thank you!

I just finished reading Charlie Morley’s “Dreams of Awakening”. But the reason this website stood out was cause I took Andrew Holoceck’s course a couple years ago when I was first looking into lucid dreaming on Mindvalley and it was very helpful!

Yes, I also noticed that I have more lucid dreams when I spend a lot of time hiking outside on my own! Being mindful and observant in nature really helps.

I’ve tried different traditions of meditation and so far the one that resonates the most is simple mindfulness mediation, just resting in awareness. Focusing on spaces between inhales and exhales. I also love loving-kindness meditation as well, I used to do it as I was falling asleep cause it helped me doze off peacefully on stressful days!

There is definitely a lot of information on here!


Have you listened to Andrew’s interview with Charlie?

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