Hello from near Seattle

I’m new to the pursuit of dream yoga, but have long been interested in lucid dreaming. A long time meditator, and an amateur hobbyist magician, I appreciate the concepts of illusion vs reality! I took Andrew’s online course through Sounds True a couple of months ago, and two days later had my first (other than some spontaneous ones in the past) lucid dream! I thought I was off to the races, but then mostly drought after that. Have read Dream Yoga and Dreams of Light now, and am eager to make this a serious pursuit. I’m excited to have Night Club as an added dimension


Good to see you here Paul. It’s a familiar story—great first lucid dream but a lot harder for the sequels. Glad you’re not losing heart. I’ve been at it for a couple of years and average about one a month, maybe two if I’m lucky. Your illusionist background should also be useful in this LD pursuit.


Thanks for the encouragement, Barry.


Hi @drpaul welcome to the Club! :wave:

Let me know if you have any questions as you start to settle in. There’s a whole lot to discover here.

Looking forward to seeing you around! :slight_smile: