Hello, fellow dreamers!

Greetings from Boulder, Colorado! I’m excited to join this online community to support my lucid dreaming practice. I have more success going lucid when I’m working with others and actively studying dream yoga materials. Thanks for being here.


Hi Ronin! Excited to have you here.


Hi everyone! I saw the past introductions post was now closed, so I’m posting my intro here!

I first got into dream yoga at a Dream Yoga meditation retreat with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche seven or 8 (9?) years ago at Shambhala Meditation Center–I think that was where I first met Andrew. I have practiced dream yoga since, with mixed results and not so many lucid dreams. I went on to attend another Dream Yoga retreat at Shambhala Mountain Center, taught by Andrew himself, and attended some dream yoga discussion groups at my local sagha.

Although I spent a lot of time with the teachings and practices, individually, I got discouraged because of not having too many lucid dreams. I hope in this group to reify my intentions to practice and overcome the laziness or discouragement that often derails my motivation, and advance to having 3 lucid dreams per week and eventually lucidity at will. Happy to be here with you all! Looking forward to helping one another strengthen our intentions.


Hi from Sunny and Beautiful NoCal! Thrilled to be here and so happy that Andrew has gone this direction with his teaching and gifts. Looking forward to getting deeper into the dream state, lucid living, and more. I first met Andrew at Nine Gates Mystery School last summer, and just saw he is going to interview Charlie Morley next. Another amazing teacher of lucid dreaming.

Can’t wait to get lucid with everyone!
Jamie Dawn


Welcome to you both, @kat_dreamz and @Jamiedawn33!


Hi Everyone,

I just joined Night Club after first hearing about it at Andrew’s Dream Yoga retreat at Sedona, AZ in Nov, 2019. My primary motivation to join Night club is to stay inspired, learn more about LD, Dream yoga and beyond, and find community where I could pose my questions and get advice from people and also maybe even Andrew. I struggle to find answers to questions I have related to LDing.

I’m also new to LD, since the Sedona retreat I’ve had a few LDs all short unfortunately, so I’m working on that. My immediate goal is to have atleast one a week and accomplish a couple tasks in the dream. Longer term goal is spiritual practice. I hope to use LD to Dream yoga and experientially learn about some of the concepts I’m studying and contemplating in Buddhism and Meditation. It would be wonderful to do that!


Welcome Anisha! So great to have you here and connecting during the retreat! :slightly_smiling_face::sparkles:

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Hello new friends,

Great to be here. I am really happy having found this community.

I am from Germany and a long time Tibetan Buddhist. Andrew’s books have been of great relevance to me and I am looking forward to his new ones.

My special interest is the connection between emptiness and dream, meditation and bardo practice.

I am looking forward to interesting exchanges.

Best wishes,