Greetings fellow dreamers from Lander, Wyoming

Hello fellow dreamers,
I’ve been interested in dreams and lucid dreams since I was a teenager, but didn’t really pursue it much. Then last year I experienced a hyper lucid dream that was so astonishing it prompted me to sign up for one of Andrews workshops at Shambhala Mountain Center. I’ve been practicing lucid dreaming since then, with pretty limited success, which has been discouraging at times. But I’ve also taken up a dedicated meditation practice in Dzogchen/Mahamudra tradition, and very interested in illusory form practices Andrew speaks of in his book Dreams of Light. I just finished Andrews online course and have a renewed sense of inspiration in my lucid dreaming practice. Excited to be here and grateful for this community and Andrews books and courses!
Blessings and love. Holly


Welcome to the NightClub, where it seems the time is always right for illusory form or meditation or just abiding peacefully. If you are a member there is a Questionar later this afternoon that you might like to attend because the quality of the Q&A is usually spot-on helpful for all of us.


Hi, Holly - Welcome from a fellow Wyoming member, based in Jackson.