Hi from a French dreamer living in Estonia

Hello everyone ! I discovered this community by looking for a community about lucid dreaming. And I found it !

But it is also very funny because I read only 2 books on lucid dreaming and Dream Yoga was one of them. So, I take it as a synchronicity to step again on @Andrew 's work. Thank you for making this happen by the way, I believe it is very needed by many of us.

I am consistently practicing lucid dreaming since summer 2020. The quarantine helped.

I had my first lucid dream at age of 7 or 8. It was the only one I remembered, but it kept coming in my mind later in my life, regularly. So, I decided to please this fascination and finally do the work. You know, going from thinking about it to actually doing it ! It is also true with many other aspects of my life, but I am here for the dreams essentially!

I am a ferocious reader of Jung’s works, I plan to read them all. And I believe his teachings helped me a lot integrating my unconscious and noticing its existence ! And therefore it helped me having lucid dreams.

I am also recently fascinated about out-of-body experience / astral projections… I had one 2 years ago, very unexpected, sudden and quick. And I am reading Robert Monroe book about it to try and implement this practice in my exploration of consciousness alongside lucid dreaming.

I also experience more lucid dreams when I talk, read, share about it. So I am so glad being here with so like-minded people.

Looking forward to enjoying my time here and sharing all along with you :sunny:



Welcome to the community! Glad you found us. There are lots of activities that take place here, although “live” ones are based on US time, almost all are recorded, and opportunities to share information and techniques are ever expanding.

There is a Book Study Group focusing on Andrew’s newly published “Dreams of Light” which meets at 9:00PM Eastern time in the US which would be right in the middle of a lucid dream in Estonia, but it is recorded. For European participants I believe the Thursday “Hangouts” instituted when the pandemic started, would be a great introduction for you. It’s a free-for-all question and answer session with Andrew and is very engaging because the dialogues and insights are often very inspiring. It’s Thursday afternoons at 3:00 PM Eastern time which would be 9:00 PM in Estonia, which could help prep you for bed, or keep you up with excitement. It would be great to see you there.

Can you give me some examples? Jung was always a favorite so I’m interested in reading about how you rode your interest in him to unfold lucid dreams.

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Thank you a lot for your warm welcome !

I will definitely come on Thursday for the Hangouts.

I actually began again having a lucid dream one night while reading Carl Jung’s work on the unconscious and dream analysis, free association, etc… In my dream, I was in a room full of stuff, inventions, creations. I thought : “Wait, if I am in my unconscious I can take from here some great ideas and keep them in waking life”. So it triggered lucidity. It happens some time. Other times it is dream strangeness or dream signs. Talking about it and reading about it helps a lot having a lucid dream the night after also !

So Jung was part of my coming back to the practice and I think it stays a very subjective and personal relation between me and his work.

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Did you bring anything back? The reason I ask is that in our Dream Sharing group a member mentioned how she does something in waking life to honor something she learns or finds out in a dream. It really helps her keep the continuity between states of awareness.

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The lucid dream became unstable very fast and I couldn’t bring back anything sadly…

Can I find this Dream Sharing group, is it open or private ? Is it the Dream Journal Category ?

It sounds very interesting, and I think it is one of my goal in the practice. To bring to waking life learnings from dreaming life. And elevate my awareness of the different states of consciousness.

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We meet Sundays 1:00 PM Eastern time which would be 6:00 AM in Estonia (I believe). It’s open to Night Club Premium members. We have people calling in from England and have had others from Europe, as well. It’s a Zoom webinar run by Andy K. Here’s the link.