Anyone interested in practicing together with Lucid Dream tasks?

Hey there!
I was wondering if anyone would be interested in jointly trying to set some sort of goals or tasks to be done in the lucid dream?
A kind of group approach could add some extra positive momentum to the practice of setting strong intentions and taking that into lucid dreaming.
First goals could be more easier ones like flying and pushing fingers through objects, etc.
More advanced could be teleporting, and teleporting to a specific place, which was chosen during the day.
Or speaking with a particular person or teacher, etc.

I don‘t have any experiences with such a group approach but could imagine that it probably would be fun and add some extra motivation to do that as a group.
I personally would prefer to start slow with more easy tasks and then gradually go crazy :slight_smile: :smiley:
Anyone interested? What do you think?


Perhaps Andrew can provide some guidance for this?


@_Barry Yes, that would be awesome!

Maybe @Andrew @AndyK could consider giving guidance or even perhaps hosting something like that?


Sounds like a great idea. I’m way too busy until at least the end of July to even consider adding such a thing to my own schedule, though.



I’d be in!

Robert Waggoner did something like that back in the day as well through a magazine or something, where there was a task for a month, like keep going forward in the dream to expand space and stuff like that.

I would be for really easy tasks as well, like flying and such things, since at the moment I want to have more lucid dreams and am in the process of trying to stabilize them. So there isn’t so much freedom on focusing on real “missions”.
Easy tasks would be great, though, as I was thinking of them anyway to use to stabilize my dreams!


I hear it’s possible. This guy’s meditation group used their collective practice and random test image assignment (for validation) to do something similar. He talks about even telling your past self something to enhance your current experience.

This group test/example/whatever was on telekinesis and playing lotto. (bad karma unless what’s won is somehow used for the benefit of all beings, and even then it’s sketchy karma).

I found it fascinating that a group approach could be used like this.

I only watched from a Curiost’s perspective, but it WAS interesting how group efforts could do something.

When I first saw this post’s title, I was hoping it was something for accountability pals for daytime practices - heck, even getting through the webinars! Maybe I’ll go start that, if anyone around these parts is a lost newb such as myself!

I say TRY IT! :grin:

(erm…maybe get clean on any dark corners you may be hiding first tho!)

I look FW to any experiences, if y’all care to share!


I hope Andy K. will relate this request to Andrew at Friday’s Webinar. I believe this focus could be useful as a group motivational activity.


I’d be up for joining folks in joint practice. :+1:


Hi @_Barry I have relayed this request and thread to @Andrew for next steps. I’ll keep suggesting it to him to so if we can make some progress! :slight_smile:


Here’s a potent challenge if any lucid folks are up to it:

I’m a sleepwalker day and night so can’t look into this myself.

I have my suspicions. These beautiful, kind creatures have extraordinary sensitivity and true “emotional connection”. I don’t want to bias anything by pre-loading a mere opinion.


I was hoping for something a little simpler such as touch a flower, or look in a mirror, what do you see? or eat something in a dream—not solve mysteries of the universe. Not yet, anyway.


hahaha definitely agree with Barry. I would let the problems of the world go for now.

In my penultimate lucid dream I sang. I read in a book of Dr. Clare Johnson, which is a wonderful author on lucid dreaming, as a tool to stabilize the lucid dream. It was delightful to sing in the dream.

So the suggestions, I would come up for now are:

  • singing
  • flying
  • teleporting to a(n) (un)known place
  • walking through something: a door or a wall
  • what I really like to do is, to jump out of the window
    (in my last lucid dream, it felt so real, that I didn’t dare to jump)
  • having a mindful conversation with a dream figure
    (never did this before consciously, only got sucked in in conversations and lost lucidity)
  • maybe mindful sex?
    (kinda the same with conversations, never went through the whole process really mindfully)
  • meditating
  • yoga or any other sports

Maybe work with one task a month?

The dimension of collective practice and its external validation sounds veeeeeery interesting. I would be up for it as well. I wouldn’t care either, though, if we just do it as it is.


I’m late to this convetsation, did you start a group ? I’m interested!


yeah, I would also prefer to start slow and gradually raise the bar.

some further ideas of what could be done, with varying degree of complexity:

  • practice a sport motion/movement (such as a tennis serve, etc.)
  • ask a dream figure for advice
  • ask the dream for something unknown but important for you to see
  • meet a spiritual teacher
  • operate a big machine (e.g. airplane, truck, …)
  • meet yourself as a kid (go back in time)
  • travel in time to a historical event

by the way, I also like @mycoses idea of having accountability buddies for daytime practices…
can this be merged in a practice group?

best regards


@slynnparr Hi, we haven’t started yet. I guess we are currently in the stage in which we could discuss the next steps, i.e. vote/agree on the first dream task to focus on (let‘s start easy :wink: ) and some organizational stuff like perhaps agreeing on a time frame.

What do you all think?

Additionally, is anyone else interested in an accountability buddy/buddies for strengthening daytime practices?

And who is in?


@ KhyungMar: Waiting to see what advice Andrew proposes according to Andy K’s post.

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Maybe eat some Orchid Ice-Cream! :smile:

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Oh man, I ha e been following Andrews advice and got stuck in a four hour lucid dream this morning. I guess it’s better here than on the mat, so to speak. I’m also having an awareNeed drop in that I’m always dreaming. I have an interesting family history to overcome, which is why I think this is such a powerful practice, but darn. I don’t want to do this alone. Seem to keep repeating the same internal battle and I am developing insights, but not able to turn away from my dreams - I mean transform the thought form there. Maybe it’s not the point. Just thought I’d share. Are you guys in the sharing your dreams group ? Thinking of jumping into that.


Yeah, we’re all visitors in each other’s “dreams” and so we help one another by being there, listening, inspiring, questioning and questing. Your are welcome to drop in on Sundays. Characters always welcome.


I’d be in for this! My personal vote for a first task would be to practice a sport motion/movement since it aligns with current dream plans I’m working on, but all the other suggestions are things that sound interesting and challenging so I’d gladly work on any of them.