Sharing dreams

Me and a friend of mine had a couple similar dreams with each other on the same nights

One was where me and him were together with his ex girlfriend and she got mad at us and told us to get out the car. It was night time in the dream

Next day randomly we were talking about dreams and he told me he had the same dream!

Then like a few weeks later we both had dreams about anarchy & becoming aliens.

So I definitely think that dream sharing is true, but I am curious to know if you can do the same in a lucid dream???

Also is it possible to meet up in a lucid dream and both work on our shadow selves at the same time we are lucid?! I think that would be extremely interesting!!

Like maybe helping each other heal through shared shadow work?! That sounds incredible to me!

But how would I do it?


Welcome to the community! Interesting that you two had such experiences. I never thought that that could happen, but a friend and I had something similar happen about 3 weeks ago. Not sure what to do with it, except feel satisfied. We occasionally work together during the daytime doing healing through art, so maybe our dreams were an extension of those activities.


You never know!:sunglasses:

Do you have any experience with lucid shadow work?!


Some experiences over the past few years, since working with Andrew and Charlie Morley. I’ve encountered monsters who shrank away when confronted. Currently, I have been trying to incubate a recent nightmare again, so I can take it further and confront the terror head-on.


I’ve always been interested in dream sharing. I think it’s a pretty cool concept, and I’d guess it would be possible (after all, we are dreaming now… so what’s the difference :smile_cat:).

I had a cool synchronicity with your post and wanted to pop in to welcome you to the community and share my experience.

Just yesterday, I started working on exploring my dark shadow because it has been appearing in my non-lucid dreams over the past week. Today, I completed half of the exercises suggested in ‘Dreaming Through Darkness’ and planned on finishing the remaining questions shortly. So, the timing of your post was a really cool synchronicity.

Welcome to the community!!


Thank you for the welcome… what is dreaming through darkness if you don’t mind sharing??


It is a book by Charlie Morley. Possibly the work Barry was referring to in the above post.

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I just finished up the writing portion on my dark shadow. Planning to find some songs that resonate with it then pull lyrics from the songs as inspiration to write my next poem. Transmutation is on the menu for the next couple days :smiling_face:.


Yes, according to Robert Waggoner, this is possible. Check out his book Lucid Dreaming. He mentions in the book that non lucid people he met up with appeared kind of drunk when he was lucid and they were not, but once they became lucid too, they looked the same as they did in real life.

@Carolel has a sister doing a project on meeting up in dreams and mutual dream sharing.

Might be possible, but I think more difficult. Also think shadow work is best done on your own when in the dream state, but I am no expert.

What is your experience with lucid dream shadow work and dream yoga? How often do you have Lucid dreams?


Thank you for all this activity.
I feel it’s a good experience to make. putting the intention to do it. If it’s for your evolution and somehow good for the whole it will happen for sure.

I did a quest with Charlie Morley on Mind Valley and the last class was a psychic experience:
he was lucid sending an image and we were connecting with that image wither in dreams, lucid dreams or awake. In this experience (I have done others), I captured the most vibrant color of it. The fascinating thing is to get to know your intuition and how it perceives things. One detail… this quest I did, was not LIVE, Charlie also sent the intention of students of after the first edition to receive the information.

Big hug.


I’ve had a similar but at the same time a very different experience. It involved my wife and her having an extremely vivid nightmare after someone or something performed a stabilizing technique you would do at the beginning of a lucid dream (she does not practice any form of dreamwork so when she told me what had happen it set off red flags immediatelyfor me). When I woke her up, she said in the nightmare, she felt almost half the planet dying, and beings were coming to her, saying, “You do not want this.” She said they were showing her things in which that situation was happening. I woke her from the dream because she had been making me muffled screaming sounds.

After I talked to her about what she had experienced I went back to bed and had a WILD. As soon as the dream formed which was a complete void (black) someone talked to me. They said, “Not tonight, please, Matthew.” After that, I saw a black and white energy body next to me that was laying down on a small bed. I went over to it and shook it, like you would when you get sand out of a beach towel or something. To me, it all felt very natural when it happened, and when I woke up, after processing what happen it seemed like I was communicating with one of the beings that was in her dream and expressing my anger directly to them. Also it seemed like I was showing them i had to wake her up from her nightmare.

Anyways, what I’m trying to say from this story is that I think there are beings we can interact with in the dreamscape who can cross between multiple people’s dreams and transfer information. I also believe dream sharing is possible, but I think this has been lost over time as societies became more attached to waking reality and drifted away from the beings that used to be called gods or goddesses in ancient times. I think it will take individual work with gatekeepers to gain access to this type of thing again. I also believe in the psychic aspect you are sharing and personally I believe this type of thing is earned through deep spiritual work(thank you for this very cool story).

I think all these ideas are very cool areas that warrant further exploration and possibly collaboration. Maybe the beings that can cross between dreamscapes can hold a space in which two people are able to interact with each other. Who knows, just spitballing ideas at this point.


Ah! I remember the key element that made this event stand out in my mind. It was a weekend night, I had indulged in a couple rum(kraken) and cokes and I had been playing games on my phone earlier while listening to this song( a couple times on high quality headphones ( She was not aware of me listening to it so having these two events occur in the same night stood out to me.


yes, music helps these multidimensional journeys and connections.
I recently shared an amazing experience with a music that came in my lucid dream. I sang it so powerfully that it energized a whole week! And i ended up singing it with friends. so a connection in the dreams manifested beautifully in awake state :slight_smile:


In Andrews most recent interview I think tha Shaman talks about going this.

Also Waggoner weites about a dream in college where he had sex with his roomates in a dream. He woke the next day to have the girls come and tell him he was in their dream and they were having sex. Pretty wild and unbelieveable, but I have heard enough experts say mutual dreaming is possible.

This is so cool!

Waggoner also mentions in his book the story about Claire Johnson at a Dream convention winning a competition similar to what youndid with Charlie. The contestants were asked to figure out an image that was secretly chosen from 4 envelopes, and then psychicly projected out to the contestants to try to catch the image in their dreams.

That story reallynmade me fall in love with Claire Johnsons work, she is a rockstar!


I forgot to mention that I captured that color in my dreams :slight_smile:



Meeting Dreams

As with meshing dreams, you want to find a person interested in co-dreaming with you. It is a bonus if that person knows how to lucid dream already.

Choose a place to meet. Ideally, it should be familiar to both of you or a famous meeting spot, like the Hard Rock Café or the Space Needle. The key is knowing details about the place so you both envision the same environment.

But unlike with meshing dreams, you need to have a spontaneous conversation. Tell your dreaming partner something they don’t know about you, or give them a “code word” without warning.

The goal with meeting dreams is to have a lucid dream that occurs at the same time, date, and location of the meet-up. Evidence of its success would be both parties reporting the same specific conversational details upon waking"


Have not read it, but looks like someone put some work into writting about this topic:

" Abstract

We seek to open a discussion on the phenomenon of shared or mutual dreams. We provide a descriptive content analysis of a nonrandom sample of reports of mutual dreaming. Bracketing claims that mutual dreams are veridical, we assess the hypothesis that mutual dreams are associated with attempts to enhance emotional attachment relationships. Content analyses of 102 mutual dream narratives are studied. Mutual dream reporters were 24% male, 37% female, and 38% unspecified. Mutual dreamers (person reported to have shared the dream with the primary reporter) were 36% male, 57% female, and 7% unspecified. Ninety-two percent of mutual dreams were between 2 people. Twenty-seven percent of these were between friends, 42% relatives, 27% significant others, and 4% nonfamiliar people. Dreamers did not typically speak together during the dream and 48% had the dream while in different locations. Mean similarity ratings for dream settings, themes, characters, events, and objects were all above 4.0 where 5.0 indicated identical content. Mean intimacy ratings between the 2 dreamers was 3.16 where 6 indicated the highest intimacy. The most frequent themes concerned family and friendship relationships. Mutual dreams tend to occur in close dyadic relationships, be very similar in content, and occur when related dreamers are separated and not feeling very intimate. “Noticing” or constructing mutual dreams may therefore be related to a need for emotional closeness or attachment in relationships. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2017 APA, all rights reserved)"


Where do I find that ‘Dreaming Through Darkness’ exercise? My nightmares stopped but my dreams are all soaked in a sort of heavy darkness and I don’t know what it stands for. Also always houses and many many people in my dreams. Kind of overwhelming. Would appreciate to know how to work with it. Thank you.

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I will try to relocate this again for you tomorrow. It is a little late tonight. The most important thing in resolving nightmares or darkness in my opinion is to openly discuss it with other beings. I recall one member a long time ago on our forum that held their heart on their sleeve and I was placed into their dream realm and separated them from the darkness that was pursuing them by smashing a phone in a lucid dream after observing old artifacts being sold on a black market.

It may sound like a far stretch at the moment but hopefully in time I can help prove this as a reality. I will search for the dreaming through darkness exercises tomorrow to help as much as I can :sparkling_heart::v:.

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Thank you! Wishing you a night full of dreams and yes, lucid!
Here in New Zealand it’s just 18:18… :slight_smile: