7th LD since joining NC (first 'WBTB')

I had my 7th Lucid Dream today since Joining Night club about 10 months ago. It was kind of pivotal, not in the contenxt of the dream, but in the success of doing a WBTB for the first time. After getting only about 5 hours of sleep last night I woke up this morning to do our Dream Sangha group with @MABennett61 .

When I woke I took 8mg of Galantamine, being tired and with me being pretty sensitive to it, it has a very stimulating effect. Typically even small dosages (2mg or 4mg) will prevent me from going back to bed and doing the WBTB method. I also hydrated with a no sugar Vitamin water that was packed with B vitamins, which I have read help with dreaming. The Sangha Group lasted about 90min, and I think engaging in in converstations about dreams and lucid dreaming was very helpful in helping incubate a lucid dream.

After doing Dream Sangha I decided to read one of Waggoners books. Having averaged about 6 hours of sleep for the past 3 nights, I was pretty tired, and needed make up sleep. After about 15min of reading, the words started to blurr and my mind was begining to transition to sleep mode. I kept reading trying to tire myself out as much as possible.

I have had success in the past with covering the air vent and Cracking the window to get some fresh air, it seems to help me fall asleep faster, so I did this before I started reading. I also think, because of the cold and noises, it contributes to a lighter sleep, which I think helps wirh LDs.

Finally getting very tired I put the book down, and got into a comfortable sleeping position on my back. (I have read one author say that sleeping on your back can help produce LDs more than other positions, its rare I can fall asleep in this position though, I have to be very tired or very relaxed).

In my mind I had a strong intuition that I would have a LD. The circumstances seemed favorable, and I was surprised I was feeling so tired even with the Galantamine in my system. I kept on repeating in my mind that I would become lucid in the dream. I also visualized my hands, and me climbing a rock cliff out in nature, with my hands being in view.

Then to relax more, I did the 61 Point relaxation technique. I dont remember being able to complete more than 25% of it, doing my right arm, and then spending extra time and awareness in my throat Chakra, and then even more time on the Heart Chakra, visualizing the blue Lotus ( @_Barry showed me) in the heart center. I believe this is where and when I lost consciouness. During this meditation, I still had the strong intention of being lucid while doing the different points of body awareness, I did not let that intention leave my mind.

Multiple dreams followed. What was unique about them was that in the ones where I wasnt lucid, I was still thinking about dreaming or becoming lucid in some way, often wanting to find a bed in the dream to go to sleep so I could lucid dream (lol). The intention I had set before sleep, seemed to linger heavily and saturate each of the different dreams. I have not had this happen before, it was very meaningful for me.

Lucidity hit in a dream when I was on the 2nd floor of an unknown house, with a wide roomlike hallway in between 2 rooms. I was standing in the hallway and thought I was awake, and I wanted to go to the bed and fall asleep to have a lucid dream. Before I walked to the bed in the other room, I noticed the wall of the extra wide Hallway was covered with books, floor to ceiling, and in the center was a sink. Someone had left the sink running, so I went over to turn it off, before going to bed. As I turned it off, and thinking this senario was a little odd, I decided to do a reality check and test the stability of the book wall, putting my hand through it. As it went through I realized I was dreaming, and then things blurred a monochrome brown color and I thought that I woke up. But instead of really waking up, I had lost the lucidity when I went through the wall and found myself on the other side of the wall in front of the house, dreaming again. After a few distractions from dream characters, the memory of going through the wall came back to my mind, and I realized I had briefly become lucid, and I wanted to remember this and write it down, I then realized I was still in the dream and woke up.

The Lucidity was neither strong nor long, but the learning experience from the steps I took before dreaming were very valuable. I never thought I would be able to do a WBTB with Galantamine becuase I am so sensitive to it, but I think taking it as a replacement to caffeine for the past few months has helped me build up a small tolersnce to it. The biggest variable I think that helped was the sleep deprivation of the prior nights. About 50% of my past LDs have occured after prior nights of sleep deprivation. I also think the Sangha, reading the LD book, and saturating my mind with LD intention while doing the 61 point meditation all helped greatly.

The running sink has occured in 1 other Lucid dream before as well, which I find pretty interesting. Water flowing coupled with the books I think may have some important symbolism.

I am very greatful to this NC community, thank you all for your help! I would not have been able to do this on my own. NC is a very powerful Sangha!


Funny how thinking about lucidity or even saying the word lucid doesn’t make us lucid. :sweat_smile: I believe Dr. Clare Johnson talked about that in her podcast with Andrew. Funnily I had a very similar dream last night where I was shouting “I AM LUCID” while beating on a monster. :joy: Will share more in my dream journal.

Interesting that you seemed to become lucid then immediately lost it. I’ve heard that when lucidity hits the environment usually becomes brighter? But here it went monochrome. I guess that might have been an indication that you lost the lucidity? Interesting that this happened so quickly.

Might be a dream sign to pay attention to. Maybe you can even simulate this while awake by turning on your taps, going into another room, then returning, seeing the tap running, asking if you are dreaming, then performing a reality check.

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I have this thing with streets overflowing with water, recurring in both dreams and lucid dreams. I think it may be something to do with life force, or prana maybe? Or maybe just the need to hit the bathroom?


Those types of dreams usually manifest for me as an obsessive search for a toilet :laughing:.


In terms of the brightness, I remember the prelucidity right before the lucidity hit was exceptionally detailed and vivid. Almost like it was clearer than real life, which is why it is so seductive.

This is my second lucid dream going through a wall, the first one I woke up from after going through it, and it made a similar blured monochrome color before waking. I think my mind was possibly pulling from this memory.

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Yes I agree with this symbolism, as well as it possibly symbolizing wisdom, intuition, and connection to the spirit world. I often visualize the invisible nothingness of ‘The Kingdom of God/Buddha’ as being like sunlight filtering through the waves of a pool streching through the universe infinitely in all directions:


Not sure why, but I find this visual to be particularly mesmarizing and mediatative and beautful.


Very cool, I’ve had similar experiences with WBTB and WILDs. I always try to stabilize them when successful and it is about 50/50. I think it really matters what stage of REM I’m in as to how long the dream lasts.

Wanted to add something I saw in a book from awhile back. It said water in a dream often indicates a message from the astral plane.

A long time after I read this book I had a dream where there was an envelope on my bed, I opened it and it had my ID and lots of cash inside then my ceiling started crumbling and water was pouring in it freaked me out but I remembered the book when I woke up.

This was shortly after some one stole a small amount of bitcoin from me and I was already paranoid about my information etc being on the web.

I told my wife and mom about my dream and told them I think we should really listen to it. My mom agreed and after talking to my wife we enrolled in identity theft protection. Sure enough about a week later I got mail saying some one tried to open a loan in my name. Got ahold of the police and ID theft company they walked me through how to lock everything down. Then after everything was locked down some one attempted to open 3 credit cards in my name which all got rejected.

I got really lucky on the first attempt because the loan was deemed suspicious and they didnt approve it(I didn’t have my credit etc. frozen at the time).

Also something unfortunate I can share because I some how got talking about the ID theft stuff was this accident I had with a synchronicity When I see trouble come my way(crash)I be making lemonade... I know I'll be a-o-a-ok - YouTube .

I believe whether good or bad synchronicities should be perceived through the same lens, not good or bad just communication. When this happen I recognized the synchronicity right away so I took the accident in stride, was very friendly with the other driver and the police officer. I had a feeling that there was something more going on then a minor fender bender.

This was 100% the case because when I got home from work I went to the mailbox and there was another denied credit card application in there. I took the synchronicity as the universe telling me not to stress over this one (it was very stressful when everything initially happen and when the accident happen I was to the point where I pretty much forgot about the issue I had - had this not happen it would have caused me a lot more stress).

With this happening the way it did I was able to relax, share a profound synchronicity with my wife(I brought in the memory card from my dash cam, plugged it intk her computer showed her the mail, explained what happen then showed her the video) then like the song was saying I was - livin in this big blue world, with my head up in outer space, I know I’ll be a-o a-o k.


Reminds me of a book I’ve mentioned before, Sensitive Chaos by T. Schwenk, one of my college texts for Waldorf Education. I offer a couple of pages in response to you photos. The book deals with how forms in air and water correspond to those found in all sentient beings.


This is very cool, sounds like that may have been a precognitive dream? How do you define the astral plane or astral world? I have heard it mentioned before, but dont really have a firm grasp on the definition.

Its a very deep thought, and definitely hard to practice, but I think you are 100% right. I think most people can look back on their lives and see what was initially pericieved as a bad experience or synchronicity, ended up saving them from a bigger catastrophe, or ended up truning into something profitable.

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Very interesting, never thought of bones being fluid like in ways, but I think he makes some great observations. The pic of the human shoulder blade illustrates that beautifully. Also worth noting is our bone are filled with a semi fluid subtance (marrow), and with presistent pressure can be streched or change shape over time. Here is an extreme example of manipulating the softer baby bones, but manipulation can be done to bones in adults too:


Courious to know if the ancient cultures that deformed babies skulls, actually caused them to have increased cognitive abilities when they became adults?

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The astral plane is what the book referred to it as. I’ve never dove into that terminology because it comes with a lot of prejudices. For me the astral plane and lucid dreaming are the same, I call both lucid dreaming.

I think what the book refers to and where a lot of people would split lucid dreaming and the astral plane I would instead say that in some lucid dreams there is an intelligence present. Sometimes it presents itself as a dream character some times messages (I really don’t like the latter because I am horrid at interpreting dreams) or images etcetera.

Last night in my dream I had a very strange character at the end and when I woke up I thought hm, that one was odd and went about my day. It was an African American woman with tightly braided hair covering her face entire face.

Fast forward to the news tonight and there is the tightly braided hair I saw in my dream. It was a woman doing an anonymous interview about kids in schools recording fights then the kids posting them on social media. She was saying how it felt unsafe sending their kids to school there. I don’t know what to make of the message but it was unmistakably the same hair style only on the news I saw the back of her head instead of the front.

Anyways what I’m trying to say in a shortened version is the “astral” or as I’d call it an intelligence other then my own in my dreams was able to show me something that would happen the next day.

I don’t think I would have known anything about this as a normal human but hold out hope for the possibility there are intelligences behind the veil(<-- maybe another explanationfor astral? Dunno) that can see time as non-linear and then send us messages in our dreams.

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That is an interesting thought. A lot of the places that practice this are in poorer locations without access to the best education. Maybe with the internet the education can reach these villages and we could find out in the future.

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Didn’t think of this earlier but I experience something similar in my lucid dreams when I push through walls, scene goes blank and turns black.

For me, staying calm and still when this happens results in a new dreamscape. You can influence a new scene from this state by using your thought/dream voice and repeating what you want to happen.

Also, wanted to add from my experience for some reason, flying through ceilings or diving/burrowing through the floor does not have the same effect. When I do this the scene has a fluid transition, much like if you were to use a closed door, blind corner, or two of my favorites, jumping into objects like a mirror (anything works, big or small but mirrors are fun) or opening a portal.

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