Happy to be here!

Recently from northwest suburbs of Chicago. I’ve been fascinated with dreams, and particularly lucid dreaming, most of my life. I’ve been dream journaling for about a year and a half. Trying to do more regular meditation practice, as well as practicing day time and night time techniques including illusory body and more traditional night time dream yoga visualizations. I seem to get a bit of lucidity every few weeks, and I feel a great sense of satisfaction each time. I use 8mg galantamine occasionally and most of my successful attempts have occurred at that time, but I hesitate to use it more often as I’d like to not have to rely on it.

I’ve read as much as I can on the subject, particularly enjoyed Andrew’s books Dream Yoga and Dreams of Light.

Glad to be here among like-minded folks similarly interested in one of the most intriguing subjects and pursuits!

I had to get on with Night Club to check out all the webinars and look into discussing dreams and techniques with the community.


Hey Brian!

I’m in the north suburbs of Chicago currently as well. Cool to hear from someone in this group that lives in the area - when in-person events resume someday maybe there will be some interesting dream workshops or events held here.

Welcome to the group :slight_smile:


Thanks, Max! I hope so. Looking forward to a return to normalcy some day.