The Objective and Specific Nature of Dream Characters

In his book, The Idea of the World, Bernardo Kastrup makes the powerful case that consciousness (and by my extension the dream) does not originate in the brain. He postulates instead that consciousness is fundamental. As a field of consciousness he refers to the universe as That Which Experiences (TWE).

He goes on to further posit that we are all alters within that field of consciousness, which he also refers to as the Mind At Large. As such, we all share, at some level, in the consciousness of the universe…and each other.

That, it seems to me, goes a long way toward explaining why many of the characters that we meet in our dreams are so objectively and specifically real…as if we have just met each other for the first time on the street.

If our consciousness, and therefor our dreams, are a part of a universal field of consciousness…could it be that we are able to meet in our dreams?


Yet, he’s not a Buddhist.


Don’t need to be a Buddhist to realize that those early mahasiddhas were onto something that modern science is just finally catching up to. :wink:


precisely . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


I’m just a lurker wholeheartedly agreeing. Also, I’m here for “sassy” @_Barry comments because they’re giving me life (always a fun read)! haha :rofl::rofl::rofl: Looking forward to seeing y’all again this weekend! Yay!


Intriguing… both Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche and late Namkhai Norbu wrote in their respective books about communicating with „real“ persons within the dream realm. It seems to take a strong intention and focus to be able to do that.

Furthermore, it opens up the question of what is communicating with what within such a dream…


For me it has just taken a couple of years of diligent practice in Tenzin’s protocols for dream yoga. Over the last few months I have found myself slipping naturally into dreams that are filled with these kinds of dream characters. The nature of my dreams has changed completely.

That is a fantastic question. My experience is that this communication is not always verbal and specific; it is more centered around interactions with a perceived entity in the form of a person whom I have never met but who has a specific character and personality.

Perhaps these are interactions on the level of a sambhogakaya presence between dream characters that are sharing overlapping consciousness in a more universal field of consciousness.


Steve, can you elaborate a bit on that protocol? Do you refer to his book, ‘The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep?’

I love it when I have an interaction with a dream character that has that distinct special quality. Recently I have had several of those dreams wherein that kind of dream person said something to me that felt important or worth reflecting on…but it was too fuzzy in the recall.


On page 84 of The Tibetan Yogas Of Dream And Sleep Tenzin outlines his specific suggested protocols for bringing awareness into the central channel, beginning with the throat chakra. There are also some preliminary practices.

It was close to two years ago that I made the commitment to effectively abandon classic lucid dreaming techniques such as MILD, WILD and SSILD and go just with this methodology.

The one classic LD technique that I still practice with diligence is journaling. Because of that my dream recall is very strong. During the day I like to recall my dreams of the previous night as best I can…just as if I was recalling the waking events of the previous day.

These days I am transitioning over to Tenzin’s sleep yoga protocols (Part Five). My dreams have become a natural extension of my waking state. I do not try to control anything…there is too much for me to learn from these dreams and when I control them I am just acting on what I already know.


Thanks Steve! I will check out that protocol. I was able to download the book in it’s entirety, which was a surprise (and helpful till I can get the audiobook version). I can definitely tell that the more I attend to my dream journaling and put time and attention to just remembering dreams during the day, the more it generates more conscious presence in the dream and also in the waking state.

I like that ‘remembering the dream just as if remembering from the waking state from the day’.


Andrew remarked that the book is being updated and republished but didn’t say when exactly. He’s got an interview with TWR waiting in the wings. I have the audiobook and it uses a female narrator which makes for some interesting listening.


That corroborates with where they seem to be leading me. The intention to control seems to have fallen away. I feel ‘self’ observance is more important whether in waking or dreaming state. Perhaps some time I may awaken sufficiently to sense the witness during sleep state.


I think this may happen to many who practice classic lucid dreaming diligently for an extended period of time. For me it was a gradual and subtle realization that there was a more transcendent goal to be realized other than recreation.

Dream yoga offers a less self-serving regimen but even that has transitioned into a more passive yet powerful dream state where the dream becomes just another state of conscious awareness and the waking state becomes a place where that learned self observance (“lucidity”) can allow for substantive and meaningful changes.

I know that member @Dream_Hacker has years of LD experience. I wonder if he has had this kind of experience in his practice.


that is a really beautiful line

Ano\ther very powerful gem

YES, according to the experts:

I watch this interview of Robert Waggoner last night, it is sooooooo good, check it out, he shares his experience on this topic, so does Charlie Morley in this interview:

really loved both these videos, I think the rabbit hole is far deeper than most people could ever imagine.

I have read about this in multiple books as well. I have not experienced it, but based on the testimonies, I am a believer that it is possible. Charlie talks about getting permission, and having a password, which I think is a good idea, but the most profound visits I think will come unannounced.

@_Barry shared a great pdf book of life after death, in the introduction the auther says a loved one who died that day visited him in the dream. He then got a phone call 2 days later to find out that relative had died.

if the links do not work, here are the titles of the 2 videos

Dream Events That “Cracked Open My World” And Using Lucid Dreaming To Discover The Nature Of Reality With Robert Waggoner [#4]

A Wide-Ranging Romp Into The World Of Dream Yoga And Lucid Dreaming With Charlie Morley [#2]

Yes! Trying to control one’s dreams seems to be just another ego trip. It’s like the ego wants to be in control even in the dream world and make everything happen the way it wants it too. Instead cultivate an attitude of openness and curiosity about what one encounters in the dream realm. There is much to be learned from the dream figures and images as they present themselves.


On the other hand, what better way to change one’s habitual patterns—particularly If the intent is to heal or reveal, rather than thrill and get high?

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I agree, that ACTIVE control in many ways can be counter productive, kind of like trying to ACTIVELY control your thoughts while meditating. Being in the more passive and open state I believe will foster much more instances of lucidity, especially if you are doing a WILD.

Yes I believe this is the goal that most lucid dreamers should strive for. It is the best for the individuals growth, and that in turn I believe greatly benefits humanity.

Once becoming lucid, there is a level of control, and lack of control,. that is needed in harmony to target the ego and subconsiounsness

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This is how Andrew teaches Dream Yoga and what makes it so powerful! Have you checked out any of his Dream Yoga courses or books?

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You must be a mind reader, I just started his Dream Yoga book club videos this week, I am on video 3 or 4 now, but it has not gotten into the meat and potatoes of the practice yet.

I also ordered the 6 realms book at my library, they had to request it from out of the system, so hopefully it arrives in a few weeks.

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