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John here from Redmond, WA just outside of Seattle!

Active dreamer for 20 years now. Loved Andrew’s books Dream Yoga and Dreams of Light. Have had lucid dreams, spiders and snakes dreams, saints and sages dreams and a profound experience of seeing that it ALL is held or enclosed by infinite clear light. Mostly I bumbled into all of this - no serious path other than sincere heart centered meditation and a profound Kundalini period that was enthralling beyond words. The dreaming during that period was like dreams on steroids. Went through a period where lots of white light descended into my body and that was enthralling and blissful but seemed to put me through my first series of “Dark Nights”. (Again, I was like the Fool in all of this and had to learn for myself what was happening).

My question is simple - what is “Reality”? LOL!!! Hahaha!

Can one be fully “awake” at the level of Mind but be asleep in other ways? Is the causal/witness really the only final “Reality”? I ask because I’ve had a lot of unusual “dreams” and met a lot of unusual people. Some say the witness/causal is just one body and that there are many “bodies” - the Truth body, Unconditional Love body, Crystal body, Causal body and many others. Can one awaken at the level of the mind and still be asleep at say the level of Love and feeling?

And…is it true that saints and sages and angels are not “real” and just an illusion? Or it is just our thoughts about such beings that are not “real”?

A friend of mine - renowned sound healer Tom Kenyon was a sincere practicer of Tibetan Yoga then had a profound 20 year period of his life working with the Hathors. (A race of beings from an ascended civilization). He highly resisted them, wrote them off as mere archetypes and/or just the product of an over active psyche. But they persisted in trying to demonstrate to him that they were REAL and indeed they taught him so much about the nature of Reality. Question then is why do so many who have realized “Reality” rarely speak of saints, sages and angels? Because they don’t “see” them or perhaps they discount them?

I know a woman who practiced TM for 20 plus years and spent hours a day in transcendent peace. (She was Maharishi’s right hand “man”). She did not have encounters with saints and sages until she left the TM movement. Then the entire world of what she called “revelation” opened up to her. Decades of transcendent peace and THEN the world of ascended masters opens up to her? Not the other way around?

Machelle Small Wright meditated seriously for 2 years and then found she could communicate with the entire world of Nature. That behind the forms of plants and animals were actual beings who could communicate with us. She has spent the entirety of her adult life teaching how Nature actually works.

Please excuse the rambling nature of my question(s). LOL! Perhaps what I am asking, is the Clear Light Mind simply the witness? Is it Shiva? Can the ego be absorbed into the Clear Light Mind and still not have any understanding of how life/Nature/the Body actually works? Ramana Maharshi seemed completely absorbed in the Infinite - yet seemed to be clueless (and seemed to care less) about the body. (Some have proposed that Ramana Maharshi was following a body-negating path). Can one be absorbed into the Infinite and be clueless about Life on Earth? Can one be informed about Life/Nature/Body and be clueless about one’s Infinite Nature? Can one be at one with Life and at One with one’s True Nature? Both? (Some part of me really wants some sort of Ultimate Wholeness - LOL!).

Amma started to follow the path of Shiva (the witness) but changed her mind and decided to follow the path of the Divine Mother. To her they were different.

My first experience with Clear Light Mind happened unexpectedly while meditating. While meditating, I saw myself blast off from Earth, as if in a rocket ship. As I passed thru the blue haze/atmosphere that surrounds earth, a voice said to me this is the level of “archetypes”. Then I went shooting past planets and moons and stars and comets and infinite black space. Then, as if the universe were all enclosed, I passed through a veil and entered what looked like infinite clear light with no source. Just infinite. While floating in this infinite clear light, a Goddess appears, says her name is Satya (means Truth) and then shows me a tightly closed red rose bud and implores me to “OPEN! OPEN! OPEN!”

That was a decade ago. Seems like “I” have not done a very good job of opening. LOL! Perhaps if I did I would not be here with a bundle of questions. LOL!

Thank you!!!



Hello John, may i be the first to greet you with a very warm welcome!

Whilst i climb off the wall from having my mind blown from reading your introduction as i had literally just read this page.

This enormous synchronicity suggests you’re with some like minded here!

Yesterday a page from your friends book was posted by Matias de Stefano.
@mbready and i have been following his work.

I shall leave other members to answer you so as to not hog the space.

Thanks for sharing your story. :dizzy:


Enjoyed reading your post with lots to think about. As for your question above, my understanding is that people will keep many things private or not-for-public-consumption to honor the beauty/sacredness/personal nature of the experience itself. I’ve been part of discussions in Dharma circles about not being attached to experiences and indeed there are many examples of people seduced off balance by the pull of extroadinary experiences, sometimes called Nyams in Buddhist thought. Just a thought.


Welcome. I can tell by your experiences you’ve found the right place to continue exploring the depths of your personal journey. Happy you found us!

Wanted to respond to this because it was one I was having trouble with for a long time until i found the below (unfortunately I forget what book it is from):

In summary, to call the world an illusion you must call your dreams and other experiences an illusion, it is not to say your experiences are not real, but if you call this world real you must also call all phenomena you experience real.

So call angels real or illusions, but I would apply the teaching above into which ever statement you decide on.

Again, welcome :slightly_smiling_face:!


Welcome “deer” John :slight_smile:

I LOVE your questions, and for me, questions are a precious fuel to anything with purpose on this earth :slight_smile: also, sometimes just trying to answer them, or allowing them to be, is a whole adventure in itself :cowboy_hat_face:

From my side, I felt like sharing a piece of a scientific article:

Captura de ecrã 2023-12-07 142130

This author has other very interesting scientific articles on the subject of dreams. You can notice he’s a scholar but what I enjoy the most in him is a connection to schools and education on these topics, bringing all these questions into a wider public, in a way that can be understood and recognized by the matrix.
The whole is here:
poetry and dreams.pdf (159.0 KB)

Infinite Blessings :feather: and please keep asking questions :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:


Welcome to the club, was cool to read your questions. I think many would be great for Andrew.

I dont know.

How often do you lucid dream?


Thank you so much Bianca! Love the synchronicity!!!


I don’t lucid dream much anymore. I used to - not as a practice. It was just something I stumbled into. I really loved it! It is seductive and addictive. I had to learn to stay with it without getting too excited - if I did I quickly lost it. Kinda wish I would have more of them again but I have not made any concerted effort.

Thank you!!!


Thank you Barry. I appreciate it. I tend to share a little too openly so maybe you are right and others are wisely keeping some things to themselves. :slight_smile:


Thank you mbready! Hmmm…well that is frustrating my mind so you are probably onto something here. LOL! Thank you!!!


I love this! Thank you! While I tend towards literal and structured (almost overly so), all my best and most fun ideas, inspirations, problem solving, creativity, etc. have come while meditating, dreaming and just plain slipping into a mini daydream. Thanks again!!!