Hello fellow dreamers

Hey everyone,

I’m a beginner in the practice and study of meditation and dreams. I first became interested in the topics of lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, and astral projection when I was in middle school. Over the past 15 years my interests have waxed and waned, and I have met various wonderful teachers. I recently found myself drawn to this community, so here I am! We’ll see what unfolds.

Wishing you all success and benefit in your aspirations and endeavors,


Welcome John, OBE’s and lucid dreaming is such an interesting topic to me, if you want a rigorous look, see Waking Dreaming Being by Evan Thompson. Many OBE’s seem to be “altered embodiment,” not truly out of embodiment. OBE’s are part of higher stage dream yoga, and the Dalai Lama has some playful things to say about it all.


Thank you for the recommendation, Andrew. I downloaded a free sample and have since ordered the full book. The title “Waking, Dreaming, Being” is like a riddle that’s been turning around in my head. It made me think how, although my mind designates experiences by separate, distinct labels, everything from waking life up to sleeping and dying are all found within the single expanse of reality.