Greetings from Alice Springs, NT Australia

HI Everybody, I’m glad to join this group. I had a really good lucid dream a couple of weeks ago and have been attempting to do out of body travel for a while now with some minor successes. I’m interested in both OBE’s and Lucid Dreaming. Not sure exactly what the difference is. Anyway, I’m happy to learn and grow with these experiences. All the best. Sergei


Great to have you join us Sergi. There has been a lot of interest and discussion here of late about OBEs and lucid dreams—similarities and differences—so details about your experiences are most welcome. How have you perceived each one as being different?


Hi @PureEnergy - welcome to Night Club!

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions as you start familiarizing yourself with the “lay-of-the-Club” so to speak :wink: There’s a lot here and some really wonderful people to connect with!

Looking forward to seeing you around the Club!



Hi Sergei. Welcome. I am in Perth, Western Australia.

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Thank you Barry. I’m not an expert in either but it seems that with an OBE, you attempt to be conscious throughout the whole experience - body asleep, mind awake. Plus to you have the vibrations and sounds that come at the beginning of take-off. But it is way to early for me to speak on these matters as my experience is very limited. But I am hoping to gain more experience in these matters.


Thank you AndyK for your welcome. Yes, lots to learn and discover. Cheers,

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Hi Sergei, my take on this is that in lucid dreaming you perceive or understand yourself to be in a dream world, and in an Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) you perceive or understand yourself to be traveling outside your body in some sense (and often in OBEs you have the phenomenological experience of leaving your body. Whether you are actually leaving your body or experiencing a self-generated simulation of that experience is a matter of some debate! :grin:

I find it amusing that some people who are into OBEs believe that lucid dreams are a form of OBE in which you don’t quite understand what’s really happening, and some people who are into lucid dreaming believe that OBEs are lucid dreams in which you don’t quite understand what’s really happening. LOL

Either way I’ve had lucid dreams and I’ve had OBEs, and there is a definite experiential difference, but currently I strongly tend to believe that OBEs are a specialized type of (at least semi-) lucid dream.




I think it’s the idea of physically leaving the body (astrally?) into the “shared physical world” versus lucidity within one’s own mind, is the sticking point here. Leaving the physical body to visit other places is often described in Tibetan texts, such as the ones I have read about Milarepa and other Tibetan saints. I haven’t experienced an OBE yet, but I’m open to scientific “proof” such as those given for lucid dreaming, to settle the issue, if it’s really that important.