Hi, Erik here from Sweden

Hi, everyone.

Go to know about this community through Andrews interview for the guruviking podcast. Even though I’ve been meditating for 13 years I have never had a lucid dream. Been doing some half attempts over the years from resources found on the internet, but no luck. I have however sporadically found myself awake during hypnagogia and it actually happened the other night, Felt encouraging to log on here and see videos about it being a possible doorway.

Plan to go into a semi-retreat at my home for the rest of April. I had been planning to focus on “the somatic practice of pure awareness” Reggie Rays course which I just took part in. But after finding this resource I will incorporate a serious push for nighttime lucidity as well.

Be Well Everyone!


Welcome Erik. First time lucid dreams are wonderful, and the intent takes you a long way towards that goal—particularly since you are undertaking a dedicated practice to accomplish it! There are a lot of resources to assist you on this site, and this month a lot are available for people to preview to see if they want to upgrade their membership.

Reggie Ray has some amazing teachings. I was listening to an audio book of his while commuting to one of Andrew’s retreats a couple of years ago. In the book he did a guided meditation, guiding me to travel deep into the earth and finally into infinity. This was off-the-charts weird as I was imagining myself driving through infinity and he kept encouraging me to merge with the cosmos.

Looking forward to hearing about your first lucid dream.

Thanks Barry,

Yes Reggie has real depth in his voice. I really feel his meditations is making a difference for me. Also his focus on the posture of meditation has been an eye opener. I’ve sat sloppy for years.

And I too really hope to report my first lucid dream soon …

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How about lying down? Seems that’s possible as well.

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Welcome to the Club @Erik!

Sounds like a great idea! Night Club has live events happening so often (at least 5 times per week) - you may consider including a live session in your retreat :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing you around the Club!

Warmest always,

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Lying down is happening in what he calls the “bodywork” Awakening the Body, Book, and course, Next Course/Book “The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness” focuses on the seated posture. I like to mix these practices, especially when on solo-retreat As I find it hard to push true the pain of hours upon hours of seated meditation when not in a group setting.

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Thanks Andy, I think that will have to wait until the retreat is finished :slight_smile:

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Delayed welcome from me Erik – how was your retreat? You may want to look into liminal dreaming, and maybe start with the interview I did with Jennifer Dumpert on NC. Reggie is a dear friend, lives 15 min from me.

Thank you so much Andrew. The retreat was great although I’m constantly in some kind of semi retreat so it is a bit hard to remember what dawned on me in the retreat and afterwards. I feel that i have gotten a good sense of Reggies points of posture. Although i would prefer if my meditations was more approaching effortlessness, which I have had tastes of, than the irritating effort that is now mostly going on. I had one great insight though, which is of course obvious, while sitting and being irritated and judging myself on the cushion. The irritated judger is the one to investigate and welcome. He is the hindrance to effortless, being meditated, meditation to arise.

Great that you live close to Reggie. I bet the two of you have had many interesting and rewarding practice discussions …

Listened to the interview with Jennifer and have a sense that liminal dreaming could be the way forward in the nocturnal practices as i seem to, unfortunately be untalented in dream yoga/lucid dreaming.

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