To share or not to share?

Hi all,
I was noticing that the dream sharing is quite quiet. I am feeling inspired by Andrew’s interview of Robert Waggoner and the experiences they each shared and wondering if others are willing to share their experience (LD and non-LD both!). Perhaps some Night Club members are regular lucid dreamers and do not view their experiences as exceptional or they prefer to keep their dreams private. Or perhaps, some members are like me and striving to develop their practice?

I regularly write down all of the dreams I can recall, share dreams with a friend, and use WBTB, meditation, and some other techniques to try to become lucid. I have had only one LD in the past couple of years and one other brief lucid experience, but I remain optimistic and dedicated to the pursuit of lucid dreaming!

I am curious about what techniques others try. I am also hopeful that there are other members of the Night Club who are interested in sharing dreams of any kind. For me, reading about dreams and learning about others’ experiences is both exciting and inspirational.
Anyone care to join me in dream sharing?


Hi @Lisasals - I too enjoy hearing about dreams though I think this is a bit of shy group being so new together! Are there any in your collection that you might want to share? I have a few up there, but I’d like to encourage others to share dreams, too.

Interestingly, I have had many super compelling lucid dreams in the last few days, which is unusual for me. I will share some of those in the near future!

I am also happy to provide some of my own techniques and practices.You can also check out my post from a conversation with @Bob44 that might be of interest to you!


Hi Allison,
Thanks for the reply and I did read your thread with Bob. I’m super impressed by your consistent routine that includes WBTB and a lot of sleep! I am a teacher, so I’m hoping in a few weeks when summer vacation begins, I can dedicate more time to lucid dreaming and catching up on some of the Night Club offerings.
I will keep sharing dreams and hope for the best.


Hey Lisa, I do have lucid dreams a lot and would love to share them. However, since they are a living experience I feel something is lost when I hand them over to the web. I’m trying to start a discussion group and have met with a few people online already and had good sharing. Let me know if you would be interested in this.


Lisa-I like the idea of sharing dreams, but I just know that some stuff is way too personal and really has meaning for only me as far as I can tell. But there is this kind of meta data thing that can be drawn from other people’s dreams, especially if they can describe the manner in which they became lucid. I’m just saying that one standard for choosing to share a dream would be to do so only if you think it will help people draw out meaning and practical use from it. That said, sometimes it is hard to tell what is useful unless you just share the whole dream! My fear is blabbing on and on about my personal dream space and my subconscious issues without contributing to anybody else’s progress.

Scott- I’m interested in your dreamshare thing!


I agree that dream sharing in general is tough as they really are so personal. The one that I did share was so pivotal for me that I thought it might be good to share though.

In a bit I’ll share the dream that came out of the blue and started me on my journey into lucid dreaming and dream yoga.


Looking forward to reading it.


Count me in. I am very greatful for this community and the treasure trove of knowledge it possesses.

Over the past year I have sporadically written down dreams, but have not done it religiously. I have noticed just by doing a few days or a week of attempting to recall dreams, dramatically and almost exponentially increases the dream recall.

I am in the same boat as you, I have been semi serious about becoming lucid for over a year, now I think its time to crank up the heat.