Dream Sharing (Lucid or Non-Lucid)

:crescent_moon: UPDATE: Lets kick off Dream Sharing with some of your favorite Lucid Dream AND Non-Lucid experiences. Feel free and comfortable to share all or parts of your memorable dreams.

Also post your near-misses, questions, or feedback that you want the group to support you with.

Format your dreams however you wish, though you’re encouraged to share some basic details to help others learn from you including:

  • Dream Title
  • Date & Time
  • Induction Methods
  • Techniques Practiced
  • The Dream Itself
  • Thoughts and Notes

The community should also feel welcomed and encouraged to share thoughtful commentary to help the dreamer find new insights. Of course, respectful discourse is expected.

Looking forward to exploring these dreams together!


I’m just starting into the lucid dreaming…around three weeks. I have rarely remembered my dreams. Now I am recording my dreams and trying these “Am I awake?’ tricks in the dreams. In one dream, I looked at myself in a mirror and started to climb into it. Half way through I was sort of stuck. On the physical realm side of the mirror, I could see the half of my body retained by that side in the mirror. On the other side was darkness. I ended up doing a meditation and asking for a specific meditation teacher…the darkness turned into a beautiful light and the scene in front of me was divided up into all kinds of geometric shapes. I would say this was pretty lucid.

Other times I seem to be in a half sleep and I can’t figure out if I’m lucid, or just thinking. Is my brain wanting to attempt to duplicate the state of lucid dreaming because I want it to? I still haven’t met anyone or anything face to face.

This morning, eating my breakfast, the impression came into my mind, “Wo, am I eating this breakfast in a dream, or is it the real thing?”

That’s pretty cool….the attention overlap that seems to link both worlds.



Hey Dreamers! I’m very excited to share that I had a lucid dream last night! The cool thing was I didn’t set any intentions before going to sleep, it just happened. I was only lucid for a short time before I started participating in the logic of the dream again, but everytime I gain lucidity its a milestone. I noticed I woke up in the middle of the night and did a guided yoga nidra practice along with some kundalini yoga and meditation before I fell asleep and had the lucid dream. I’m going to keep working with the yoga nidra meditation to see if this helps.


:tada: Congrats @kat_dreamz! I love how you say, “Every time I gain lucidity its a milestone” - so true! It’s important to celebrate all the steps along the way.


I find it interesting … the connection with kundalini yoga. Sometimes I think dreams are connected with the movement of the winds or Tibetan lung.


Hey @Tashi. Can you explain what you think the connection is. I think attention meditation is a massive help but don’t know much about kundalini.

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Hey @kat_dreamz. Is yoga Nidra a lot like hypnosis. So you listen to a track as you fall asleep and are sleeping?

My favourite lucid dream @Allison is a reoccurring one I had when I was about 17. I kept dreaming my boyfriend would come in our room to wake me up. I think it happened because he would get up at 5am to go to work and I would fall back asleep wishing he would return home and be with me.

It kept happening every night until one time I became lucid and told the dream him that he wasn’t really there and I was dreaming. He would laugh and try and prove it was real by making me do reality checks that I now know don’t work. He made me open a window, feel the warm sun on my arm or the breeze etc. This happened many times and he would always convince me. At the moment I believed him I would wake up. They eventually stopped but it gave me a sense of how real the dream can feel.


You can learn a lot about Yoga Nidra if you check Andrew’s interview with Richard Miller, the founder of I-Rest, a healing practice based upon Yoga Nidra. I sometimes listen to YN tapes before sleep. Occasionally, over the telephone on nationwide conference calls with vets via the US Veteran’s Administration.


My Very first dream of becoming fully lucid happened about 1 year after I started meditating:

I was walking in the Penthouse Ball room of a hotel with red carpeted floor and really really high ceilings. I was looking for the pool.

Looking around I saw there was no one there, which seemed really irregular for suck a big building and area.

Then I looked at the right side wall, and It was a large floor to cieling mirror like to find in some gyms.

I walked closer and looked at my reflection.
Something was off, and my skepticism was growing.

The reflection was spot on, looked just like me, however with 1 big problem, my face was covered in bruises, like I had in a nasty fight.
This shocked me, realizing that I had not been in a fight, I became lucid that I was dreaming,

the lucidity did not last long, as I began to walk a few steps and focus in on the dreamscape, it began to dematerialize quickly and I woke up.


Glad you didn’t get discouraged because many people seem to get anxious when their efforts don’t get results quickly. I only started getting lucid regularly when I began using Galantamine that Andrew recommended in a podcast or webinar. Though my first goal was to get over insomnia the intent to get lucid became a driving force for improving my sleeping protocol and habits.

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