Hello from Germany!^^

hey guys, my name is Owen ^^ Im very excited to be part of this community and I hope to find more people here to share dreams and thoughts or experiences!
I study psychology with the goal to be a researcher and make lucid dreaming a therapy and useable or at least known by the majority of people

I got into lucid dreaming about 10 years ago or even longer (I cant remember how though…OwO) and recently I struggle a lot with dream recall and such but I noticed already it’s always worth to stay focussed:)

Hope you have a nice day!


Welcome! Lots of lucid dreaming resources here and these days, we have the unique opportunity to listen to Andrew Holececk read and annotate his latest book, Dreams of Light, page by page in a virtual book study group. Hope to see you there.


Hey @Kumoki big welcome to you!

Feel free to use the #dream-journal category to share some of your dreams with the Community. @Andrew says that journaling is one of the most important tools we can use for dream recall.

I myself have struggled with dream recall but recently - big thanks to this Community - have been remembering one or multiple dreams every night!

There are some great interviews with lucid dreaming experts like @DanielLove and @Charlie_Morley, on the Night Club #podcast, which you may find to be (enjoyable and) helpful.

Don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions as you begin to familiarize yourself with Night Club. I look forward to seeing you around! :slight_smile:


Hello @AndyK !
What a warm welcome, thank you:)

yeah I am still a bit confused with the forum, but I am happy I found this community!
So there are usualy hang outs on zoom, right? And there are interviews and such as well? Im not sure if I have to be a member to see these…

and the podcost DOES sound really interesting! Is it on youtube? I rarely listen to podcasts so…or can I find it in this forum somewhere??

Thanks a lot for the help! Im glad to be here:)


Hi Kumoki,

Podcasts are not on YouTube but they are downloadable. It took me a bit of use to feel comfortable with navigating the forum, but I’m slow with tech. I find if you begin with ‘Community’ it’s a good start.