Hello from Portland, OR

Hello friends, I’m Katherine, 66, and live in Portland, Oregon with my wife Susan and Chinese Crested Dog Teeny. I am starting in with lucid dreaming, looking to get to Dream Yoga and onwards. I’ve had a few liminal lucid dreams while on the boundary of waking, one which included me flying up to the top of a cliff so I could say White Tara mantras. It has been an experience of slowly worming my conscious mind into the dream world a bit at a time. I haven’t had a lucid dream during the middle of the night yet, but I’m intending toward it. I love flying in dreams, everything is so effortless and joyful. I wake up after these waking dreams with a smile on my face.

Anyway, that’s where I am so far. I am happy to be here and looking forward to meeting all of you and improving our dream practice together!



Welcome to the Club :slightly_smiling_face:

If you do some digging, there is a treasure trove of info and resources to help you achieve lucidity, and beyond.

What is your meditation practice like?

Do you keep a dream journal?

What daytime practices have you done to try to cultivate lucidity in the night?


Hi @wolfalohalani
A very warm welcome and Congratulations :tada: on finding Night Club community of dreamers.
Its a great place to hangout! Wishing you many rewarding wonderful experiences here!


Welcome Katherine, at last someone newer to the club than me ;-)…


Welcome beloved Katherine,
I can see you already have very precise distinctions.
Keep up the great work and enjoy all the resources here.

Infinite Blessings to you and your family - Teeny included :slight_smile:


Hello Katherine! I’m Dominica, 39, and live in the SF bay area- however I wanted to say hi as I lived in Portland for many years! I miss many things about PDX. I lived in inner SE the whole time I was there, although I was in the other quadrants often. Portland feels like a dream now, like everything that has gone as the pages and chapters of my book keep turning :slight_smile: I love flying in dreams as well, although I’m only good at it in non-lucid dreams… when I’m lucid and try to fly, I’m so bad at it… my conscious mind knows “I can’t really fly!” and then I struggle to do a good job of it! Your liminal dream of flying up the cliff to say White Tara mantras is beautiful :slight_smile: I aspire to have a dream like that!!!