Hello from Seattle, soon to be in Victoria BC

Hello, I’m Mina, literally 24 hours in to hearing about Dream Yoga and Andrew’s work, this community and so on. Listening to Andrew talk enthusiastically about lucid dreaming had me hooked.

I am a recovering (recovered?) sleep procrastinator, and the thing that helped me move towards better sleep hygiene was awareness and curiosity of what my mind was doing as it transitioned into sleep. I have had vivid and realer than life dreams throughout my life, and this new-to-me awareness, I noticed, gave me glimpses of lucid dreaming. Thus far, I experience recognizing dreamlets, and occasionally know when I am dreaming in a dream. It almost always is a flicker of awareness, and then I go back into the dream without further awareness. On a few occasions, when the dream is going on and on, or something bad is happening that I want to stop, I have had the light bulb “wait a minute! I can wake up!” idea, and then I do wake up.

For the past several months I have been enjoying my new relationship to sleep. I have journaled very occasionally. I have come to recognize what feels like another reality almost, within my dreams. It’s a felt sense that feels familiar to me when I’m in it, and sometimes recall memories of past dreams that are related to the current dream, but am only to access those subtler connections while dreaming. And it is only occasionally that I have this particular experience; many of my other dreams are weird and fun, and usually traceable to something from my waking life.

Anyway! Hi, glad to be here, excited to learn more about many of the topics brought forth here at night club!


Welcome to this Community, so much here is about the world of sleep (and much, much more) that it might keep you awake at night keeping up with it all. A good resource you might want to check out is Charlie Morley’s book Wake Up to Sleep, which is a brilliant exposition on the topic from a wonderful Dream Yoga Teacher. There is also a monthly webinar with an expert Sleep Doctor, Ed O’Malley, held on the second Tuesday of the month, where he gives mind-blowing talks and answers questions from the online community.


Done! Just got the book. Thank you for the warm welcome!


Greetings from Olympia, WA, Cascadia Bioregion (i.e. your neck of the woods, or at least same part of the Continent). Great that you have this level of awareness while falling asleep!


Hello there! I :two_hearts:Oly, am a Greener grad, 2008. Maybe we’ve crossed paths, I lived there from '02-'10. Nice to (re?)meet you!


Welcome to the Club!

I would highly reccommend you journal your dreams every morning consistently for at least 2-3 months. It will really help you devolp a deeper relationship with yourself and your dreams.

It was one of the most important things I did to take my dreaming to the next level.


My wife teaches at Evergreen. Rebecca Chamberlain.


Ha! Very cool. I was not a student of hers.

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