Hello from north of seattle

I’m excited to be here! I started my lucid dreaming adventure back in 1986 with Stephen LaBerge’s book and have been following Andrew on Youtube for a while. I still don’t have many lucid dreams, but I hope to focus more on dreamwork in the next decade.



We’re so excited to have you here! My name is Alyssa and I help moderate this community page. Please let me know if you have any questions. You are going to love it here!!

Great to have you here. Andrew has a Q&A session today at 2PM MT which should be 1PM on the coast. If you attend you can get a sense of the online sangha and ask questions as well. The link to get there is here.

Hello and welcome :grinning: I hope you find this group useful, I’ve found it very friendly and welcoming.

Thanks and much love


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Welcome, this site has tons of great resources and people. Looking forward to hear about your practice.

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Greetings from Olympia!